Baby Passport Application

applying for the baby’s passport proved to be easier, quicker and stress-free compared to when we are renewing our ph passports. the only thing that i worried about was looking for a photo studio that will take quality photos of my squirming wobbly baby. nathan was only a month old when we brought him to the studio for his first photo session.

since my husband and i have resident visa status, our baby is automatically granted a new zealand citizenship. he is eligible for a new zealand passport and can go anywhere he likes without needing a visa, whereas husband and i still needs to apply for it. haha!

so i’m sharing the steps on how to apply for a nz passport and the difference from applying a ph passport. it’s interesting how two countries have different way of doing things.

applying for a nz passport

  • personal appearance – baby not required for personal appearance.
  • confirmed appointment – no need for an appointment. walk-in applicants only need to give the application.
  • application form – to be downloaded from internal affairs website or some photo studio can give one.
child application form
child application form
  • birth certificate – not required to submit as my baby’s information is already in the system.
  • passport photos – need to submit two passport photos with one of the photo signed by a witness. the witness should be a new zealand citizen and not living in our place. in this case, my midwife served as our witness.
  • courier – the passport will then be delivered requiring a signature from the receiver. this is already included in the application fee.
  • processing times – 10 working days for the standard application. based on experience, it did not even reach that long as i got an email notification on the 6th day stating the passport was despatched for delivery.
  • amount – $81.70 (1 nzd = 33.52php) or Php2738.98

comment: very efficient and pleasant overall experience i must say!

applying/renewing for a ph passport

  • personal appearance – required when applying and renewing for a new passport. either we have to fly to the ph embassy in wellington and spend for airfare plus accommodation OR wait for the mobile consular service here in christchurch.
  • confirmed appointment – required. now that many are applying for a passport, this has to be done months ahead of the planned travel. we only need to call the ph embassy to schedule the appointment.
  • application form – to be downloaded from the embassy website.
  • birth certificate – required. not sure though if it’s possible to use the original issued birth certificate, especially when you badly need to apply and can’t wait for three months for the NSO copy. since baby was born here, we might need to register his birth as well so that is an extra process too.
  • passport photo – not required since baby will show up in the appointment.
  • courier – a self-addressed courier bag should be given together with the application.
  • processing time – it varies from 8-12 weeks. if the passport printers go nuts, there will be delays and have to wait longer.
  • amount – $81.70 (1 nzd = 33.52php) or Php2799.32

baby finally got his passport and ready to travel to see his grandparents soon. 🙂

ready for travel
ready for travel