Fourth Month

where did the time go? šŸ˜¦ my baby is now 4 months old. he is growing rapidly and i can’t stop the time. it’s true. savor and enjoy every single moment with them because what once a tiny creature, he is now a screaming wriggly little boy. still cute but starting to get in your nerves – haha. i got sick recently, blame it to the cold weather butĀ here’s my baby all healthy and well.Ā these moments are what i’m thankful for (*mom heaved a huge sigh of relief*).

for his fourth month mini birthday, we went to la porchetta pizzeria for dinner. hubby asked me if i want to go out andĀ of course, bored and crazy all day taking care of the baby i said “yes”.

every time we go out, hubby is in charge of the baby. he’s giving me time to rest for few hours.

good thing, we bought a cake before we went for dinner because the stall was already closed when we’re about to go home. a small celebration awaits usĀ for baby’sĀ milestones and good health. love you baby.

cake for baby? or mom? ;)
cake for baby? or mom? šŸ˜‰

n.b: can’t take a decent photo because he starts to beĀ makulit. ayan na!