Travel: The Tannery

red brick shops, restaurants and cafes with the christchurch hills at the back drop make the tannery an interesting place to visit. the best thing about it is that it’s only a walking distance from our house. 🙂 i went there yesterday with the baby for a walk. it’s nice and sunny outside with a hint of cold winter air.

in a few weeks time, i’m going back to work and will be busy again. before that happens, i’m making the most out of my free time to do all the things i want – walking outdoors, coffee time, eating non-stop and lazying around with my mini boy. 😉 when baby is asleep and snuggled inside the carrier, it makes “me time” stress free and enjoyable. haha!

my first stop is the woolston market. this is the nearest café at the entrance so i’ve decided to rest here for a while after a long walk. i ordered a scone with a cup of hot chocolate.

(baby status = SLEEPING; mommy meter = HAPPY) 🙂

once i finished my food, i started window shopping. yes, just window shop because the items in the artisan shops are very expensive like élite level x99! i was walking with people wearing their fancy ootd’s with designer bag whereas i’m in my cookie monster hoodie and sweat pants (plus a baby).

(baby is fidgeting inside, cue that i need to start walking…)

the mall’s interior looks classy and elegant. far from the kmart and the warehouse shops i frequent to.

after almost an hour or so of walking, i felt hungry. i’m thinking of getting a delicious, decent, heavy lunch. ahhhhhhhh. but before that, it’s nursing time. the mall doesn’t have a parents room unlike the other malls. good thing, i saw a couch near one of the closed restaurants so we did our feeding session there. i’m comfortable nursing in public, provided i always have a cover with me.

(baby status = AWAKE; mommy meter = HUNGRY x2) 😐

after our nursing session, i went to mitchelli’s café renato, a small italian café. browsing through their lunch menu, i immediately saw what i’m looking for – pesto pasta! 🙂

once i paid my order, i went upstairs and look for a place to sit. i chose the one at the corner, if something goes wrong (clue: baby related). it has a nice top view of the restaurant and beside the window.

the waitress finally served my food and said “enjoy your meal. 🙂“.

pesto pasta

then the baby now fully awake, alert and impatient starts moving inside the carrier. my most dreaded moment. what a perfect timing for my lunch. *groans*

i then ate a big spoonful of pasta and all of a sudden, baby started to cry and scream in my horror. times like this always make me panic. the couple sitting near me as well as the group of teenagers at the next table turned their heads and looked at me (with the slightest judgment), “what did she do with her baby?“.

it really annoys me when baby starts to scream like that. yes, that kind of scream that gets into the nerves. i hurriedly ate my pasta, half chewing it just for the sake of not getting choked and then swallow. oh by the way, the pasta is really good, i wish i enjoyed it as the waitress said. hindi man lang tumagal sa bibig ko. and you see that focaccia bread? all i can say is “shet, sarap”.

as soon as i ate everything, i grabbed my bag and left the place as fast as i could.

(baby status = MONSTER; mommy meter = STRESSED) 😦

it turns out that baby is sleepy again. it’s about time that we go home. before we end the day, i drop by she universe as our last stop. i bought a pack of thin peppermint chocolates since i like their free taste sample. we were also there last sunday and tried the chocolate drinks which are really yummy.

am i happy? yes. but i also realize that “me time” is just a far-fetched dream.