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the recent south westerlies brought lots of chill for the entire new zealand especially for us here at the south island. some areas are even lucky to have the powdery snow. here in christchurch, we don’t have the snow but occasionally gets snow flurries and frost every morning.

since i grew up in a tropical country where beaches are common, snow is a different experience for me. i still have to master putting on layers of clothing before going out. honestly, i feel lazy wearing so much clothes thus i prefer to stay indoors most of the time. also, the negative temperature is not so fun after all. people in the philippines complain too much during summer. people here also complain when it’s too cold. 🙂

last saturday, we went to porters ski, an hour and a half drive away from christchurch. it’s the closest ski field in the city, making it very accessible for families and ski fanatics. we arrived there before noon time. the parking at the ski area were already full thus we have to park our car at the bottom entrance and take the shuttle instead going up to the ski area. i enjoyed looking at the snow-capped mountains while sitting by the window.

someday, i would like to try skiing too or snowboarding. but since baby is in tow, we just enjoy playing with the snow while waiting for our friends who enrolled for the lessons. time will come that baby will walk so that will be a perfect time for us family to learn something new together.

this is also our baby’s first winter. we always bring him with us wherever we go. i hope we don’t look like bad parents for bringing our baby in the very cold weather, but then i eventually saw some infants that day making me relieved. i made sure to put lots of layers so he won’t shiver. he’s got a singlet + onesie + socks + fleece onesie + feather down infant’s onesie. he’s also got goggles if it gets too windy just like what we experienced at mt.hutt.

sometimes, i feel that our baby is too small to be expose outdoors. we were told not to bring our baby in crowded areas because there’s a chance he gets sick from catching a virus. i am aware of this so we just go out if necessary. it’s hard for us because we cannot leave him at home and nobody will look after him. i feel that enjoying life shouldn’t stop just because of having a baby around. like most people say, “ah enjoyin mo na yan habang wala ka pa anak, mahirap na pag may bata“. well, it’s true. for us, traveling is harder now especially there’s three of us and i tend to move slower because i’ve got lots of things to prepare and it’s always x2 but the happiness of traveling when you’re single, with a partner or with the family are all different based from experience. 😉

traveling with a baby is exciting, harder but twice the fun. as parents, we want to build happy memories with our child so when he grows up, he will look at the photos of the family adventures making him feel loved and happy.

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  1. We have similar outfits, I wore a blue bubble jacket over the weekend too. LOL

    Saw more photos on FB. Looks like Nathan had so much fun.

    Alrighty, take care and stay warm!



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