Book: Calm (Calm the mind, change the world)

day-to-day life happenings bring us so much anxiety and stress. commuting to work every morning, encountering traffic as we drive off to work and juggling the tasks at work and home are some of the typical stressors we may meet everyday.

i happen to see this book, calm: calm the mind, change the world, when we passed by one of the bookstores at the mall. out of the many books displayed, the bright blue cover attracted me and so i skim the pages and found out it’s indeed a good read. it’s a self-help type of book which discusses the different ways on how we can achieve calmness in our daily life. the book is divided into eight sections namely nature, sleep, travel, relationships, work, children, creativity and food. the book is designed not to be read in a linear fashion, so anytime you feel that there’s a need for calm through the eight sections mentioned earlier, you can jump from one page to another. this book also comes with an app that you can download in apple or android.

calm: calm the mind, change the world
calm: calm the mind, change the world

this book is one of the easiest and light reading materials i had so far. i was able to finish it within a month’s time (an achievement if you are looking after someone). some of the book’s suggestion that i often neglect are turning off my gadgets, chewing thoroughly the food and eating lunch at my desk. when i am bored, i incessantly tap on my phone and scroll through my various social networking accounts. we are all guilty of spending too much on it, isn’t it? when i’m at work, i always feel in a hurry thus eating my food at my desk, sometimes forgetting that a couple of minutes of leisure walking outside will refresh the mind and bring back my energy again.

if you feel like reading something light, just want to relax and not pressured to finish it just like other fictional books, this is a nice one. 🙂