Clone Wars

if you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?”

if i could clone myself, i will probably split myself into my five personas – the mother, the wife, the working girl, the daughter and sister and the adventurous and exciting old me.

Multitasker Girl

the mother upon waking up, will prepare the breakfast. once everyone’s finished, she will wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. then, she chucks the laundry into the washing machine while also doing the house cleaning.

meanwhile, the mother feeds the baby. later on, they will play together and once baby gets tired, she will feed him and put him to sleep. if it’s not too cold, she will give him a bathe and feed him again.

and the working girl, after taking the shower, prepares herself for work and not forgetting to blow dry the hair. she will go to work, sit for 8 hours either working or day dreaming. most important thing is she’s getting paid!

and the daughter and sister version will be in the PH to spend some time with her family, doing the things she used to do like sleeping in her room, cooking meals for the family and having conversations over dinner to catch up on each other’s day.

and the wife version, will be back to her romantic self. going out for dinner dates with the husband and watch movie afterwards. then if things are going well, she and husband will have some quality and quiet time together.

then the old and adventurous me will go shopping, traveling alone and seeing the world just like the old days, going to the salon for a hair treatment while having manicure and pedicure, go to the spa for a massage and body scrub and go to the mall without being conscious of wasting time and money. because “the time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted”.

so much to do…so little time.