I Got Skills

“if you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?”

public speaking…speaking confidently…being able to engage in intelligent conversations and influencing other people. these are the skills i would like to master.

Speaking as a Skill
Speaking as a Skill

i think that i am the most introvert of all the introverts. i am the type of person who enjoys sitting at the corner doing my own thing like reading a book or scrolling my phone. i never get to practice speaking with people because i’m not comfortable in huge crowds and prefer to have quiet time with small group of friends instead. in parties and gatherings, i find it challenging to start a topic because i’m more comfortable listening and observing people than speaking. and sometimes, i am just not interested. when i’m being asked how my day was, all i could say is “i’m good”. *nose bleeds*

i wish to speak better so that i can positively influence other people. i’ve seen a couple of TED talks videos and find the speakers inspiring when they share their stories and influence the audience. i am normally a quiet person because i grew up in a household where talking only when necessary is implemented and speak only when asked is a golden rule. this upbringing saved me from lots of trouble but then i also realized that i could have gone a long way if i am a good and confident speaker. i can ask for a better deal, negotiate effectively and speak without sounding defensive.

let’s face it. even a person who talks rubbish and nonsense sounds intelligent if he or she speaks well.