“what have you been putting off doing? why?”


my top three things to do…which are in my to-do list for as long as i can remember are:

  • choosing photos for our wedding album. we are almost near our 2nd year church wedding anniversary and we haven’t selected the photos yet for our wedding album because the thought of looking at the hundreds of photos makes me us feel very lazy.
  • thorough scrubbing of the toilet particularly the bowl and the floor because i don’t have the courage to interact with the invisible  germs. i just can’t.
  • studying for advance test analyst certification because apart from completing the agile examination few weeks ago, i also don’t like the voice of the speaker in the online course i’m listening to, which to me sounded like a guy selling a product in a home tv shopping channel.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. I can sympathize with the not-choosing-wedding-photos-until-i-absolutely-have-to point. eventually we had to bite the bullet.
    a very painful, long sorting process — fun because we revisited our wedding day again 🙂 — but only up until the 1,000th picture or so, then the agony starts. 😉


    1. it’s nice to revisit the photos isn’t it? i look very different now … almost a year and a half after the wedding. and also got a baby. 🙂


        1. wow! congratulations! woohoo! 🙂 mine’s already turning 9 months. tips, hmmm. well i think just enjoy each moment when the baby comes out…even the challenging ones. challenging yung first few months for me kasi we don’t have helper and relatives here in nz, it’s just me and hubby. i used to say, ‘sana lumaki ka na onte please para inde na ako mapuyat masyado’. now when i look back, i think i took that for granted and nakakamiss yung maliit sya, so yeah. take it day by day. can’t really give mommy specific tips, kasi eventually you’ll learn it along the way. mommy instincts! 🙂


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