Book: In Order to Live

hello 2016! this is my first post for the year. i was busy preparing for our homecoming trip to the philippines and totally forgot about blogging. so yeah, i’m back again and hoping to update this space as much as i can. motherhood takes much of my time now and by the time i’m free of all the chores, all i want to do is lie on the bed and sleep!

every year, part of my goal is to read more books and surpass the number of books i finished for the previous year. i was not able to keep track of how many books i read last year though looking at our shelf, i’m sure that the new books to my growing collection shows some improvement in my reading goals.

the first book i finished  this year, in order to live, is an autobiography written by yeonmi park, a north korean defector who escaped north korea and traveled her way to freedom and reached south korea. this is actually the second book i finished about korean defectors, the first one is the girl with seven names which i also shared here. i personally find defector stories interesting, eye openers and educational. north korea, known to be as the world’s most reclusive country, is hard to reach in many aspects like travel and information. reading first account stories from people who lived there provides a window on what life’s really like in that place. this book brought me to north korea and i learned their culture, life and hardships.

in order to live
in order to live

many filipinos including me complain too much of how bad manila is. then knowing life in a country such as north korea, makes me realize how fortunate i am to have been born in a country that values democracy (well, filipinos exercise too much freedom which is also a problem). philippines is still a country to be proud of, where people are free to speak out their minds and can decide for themselves.

after finishing this book, i realized that i should stop complaining because my life is not too bad and there’s more people out there searching for their freedom, struggling to survive and fighting to live.