Book: My Fight Your Fight

if you’re following MMA and UFC, chances are you know who ronda rousey is and why she’s the most famous woman fighter in that sport. she’s known for her signature armbar and finishing her opponents in less than a minute. unfortunately, she was defeated by holly holm during their last fight and she hasn’t come back to UFC scene just yet. many people got disappointed of her surprising loss (because everyone thought she’s invincible) and i could just imagine how frustrating it was for ronda because it’s very untimely and she just released her book, my fight your fight, her autobiography. in big bold letters, the caption on the book cover just below her photo is ‘THE UNDEFEATED CHAMPION’. how devastating and ironic!

rousey's autobiography
rousey’s autobiography

despite her loss, i’m still a fan. i don’t know UFC that much but watching her fight is more exciting than watching the mayweather-pacquaio bout which is all about money-making business. i kept telling my husband, “sayang naman may talo na sya” and he said it’s ok because the sport will be more exciting to watch knowing that there are other good fighters out there apart from ronda rousey. it gets boring if you see the same person winning over and over.

the book is inspiring. ronda’s “go girl, chase your dreams and don’t be afraid to get what you want” attitude is very me. i’m a goal oriented person and i like hanging out with people who got big dreams and not afraid of the challenges ahead of them. she’s the type of person who doesn’t care on what other people think because she knows what’s on her mind which is something i can relate to. i hope she gets back on her feet and fight again because she’s exciting to watch especially now she’s got a match.