Camping at Lake Pearson

we are now mid-february. that means, there are few days left for summer and miserable winter is not too far away. how come we only found out about camping just recently?! we are such late bloomers. our couple friend here invited us on a weekend camping and it was lots of fun, no wonder most kiwis love camping and outdoor.

lake pearson

camping is not only relaxing but also a good time to spend quiet moments with family and friends. no telephone signal, no computers and no internet. just the beautiful view of the nature and the sound of the crickets at night. they have complete camping gears so life’s not too hard for newbies like us. since bubs just turned one, we were able to bring him for camping. it’s his first camping experience so a memorable one for all of us.

mountain view
old ladies relaxing

we borrowed a tent from a friend. initially, we were planning for a picnic day trip but our friends convinced us to stay overnight. now we know how fun it is to go on camping, we bought a tent so we can go camping anytime we want. yay! new zealand outdoor is so much fine!

our family van and borrowed tent

we arrived at 10-ish morning and our friends helped us to set up the tent. as a contribution, we brought marinated pork bellies “aka liempos” and my husband’s new baby – a portable barbecue grille. haha!

bbq chicken in progress
hubby and baby – haha!

everything went well except that we are not appropriately dress for the event. hubby and i were wearing shorts and the baby forgot his jacket. by the time evening came and we are about to sleep, the freezing temperature is unbearable and my legs and feet are cold. i also wake up every hour to check bubs if he’s warm and not shivering. guess what? he sleeps soundly as if he’s at home. that’s my baby bear grylls in the making, haha! we camped at lake pearson, a beautiful and tranquil lake located at south island of new zealand. there’s a nice view of the mountain when you look from inside the tent.

hello from the other side
mom and baby camper
my future adventurer

campsite is free of charge and has a long drop toilet. since long drop toilet is for everyone’s use, expect it to be filthy, yucky and stinky. the funny thing is that you will survive using it because there’s no other choice. it’s part of the experience anyway.

tada! the long drop toilet

here are some of the photos during our camping. too bad, summer is about to end. we can still camp when autumn comes and it will be a different experience then. the beauty of fall is incomparable. like my friend said to me, “each season has a different beauty”. 🙂

like father like son
bub looks grumpy as he forgot to put sunblock
freezing temperature before sunrise
finally the sun is out
first family camping

looking forward to use our new tent and more adventures!


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  1. we’re so fortunate to have nearby and SAFE campsites. mr p and i thought of doing this too but just did not get a chance yet. glad to know you all had fun! =)


    1. is impt. Straya got lots of crocodiles, snakes and other poisonous animals…which we dont have here. Try nyo din while summer pa!


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