Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

my little boy now turns 1, how time flies!

my most favorite baby boy is now a year old. how fast! he was a tiny, fragile boy when he was born. now, he moves everywhere, babbling random sounds ‘taaataaataaateeeteeeteee‘ and slowly growing up to be a playful, jolly boy.

a year old 🙂

since baby’s birthday falls on the summer season, we’ve decided to have a summer picnic celebration for him at spencer park. perfect weather for an outdoor activity. our guests were two kids and mostly adults. i was dreaming of giving him a full blown birthday celebration having decors and stylish venue, catered food, kid’s entertainment including clowns and magicians with complete program. but that was deferred and we settled for a very simple celebration instead. i don’t want to undergo through the same stress just like the one prior to our wedding day. so hubby and i decided to have the birthday celebration here in new zealand and save ourselves from dealing with drama and tampororot relatives.

by the way, i forgot to mention that nathan’s birthday theme is ‘adventure time’. this is a cartoon show in the cable. i first found it through marian rivera’s instagram account because she watches it. hahaha! so yeah, we have a theme for his birthday. i bought a knitted beanie that bubs can wear on his birthday as he is ‘finn’. rest of his attire, i bought a cheap blue shirt at the mall and reuse his blue shorts at home.

my baby Finn

preparing for bub’s birthday party is a breeze since we only have 20 invited guests. we bought a portable barbecue grille which is our greatest investment so far. haha! i also ordered pansit, lumpia and the 2-tiered birthday cake. the rest of the food, we prepared it ourselves. i diy the decors like balloons and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY buntings. to complete the look, i bought adventure themed paper plates, napkins and table covers. thanks online shopping!

guests were relaxing at the park under the tree shade chatting with one another, the few invited kids were playing and running around and the birthday boy…he is definitely having a good time.

it’s already autumn and i’m starting to miss summer.


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