Happy 2nd Anniversary

today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary. my husband and i have been together for the last 13 years and people hearing how long we are in the relationship are mostly amused and impressed. i’m going to ask my husband later on if he’s feeling the same way. haha. literally, we’re always together through 80kg and 90kg. lol!

life before stress came along. :p

we don’t have any special plan for today. in the 13 years that we are together, i don’t remember a time that we celebrated our anniversary extravagantly like watching fireworks in the sky, flash mob surprises or him giving me a ferrari. my husband is not the flower-chocolate-surprise me type of guy. i wish he is. the surprise i usually get from him is usually not receiving any surprises at all! oh wait, he’s a subscriber to this blog and might object so ok…he does give me gifts once in a while. lol. 🙂 anyway, i prefer him not giving me too much gifts as long as he gives his salary to me for safekeeping, i’m good. hoorah!

kidding aside, my husband is the greatest partner (for me) and the best father to bubs. i can’t imagine myself with somebody else. you see, God gives us the right person who complements our personality, accepts and forgives our flaws and of course someone who can tolerate our bad habits like farting and acting as if nothing happened. my husband cooks great food, most patient in handling stressful matters (like tiny person) and i always feel like the donald trump in the relationship and he’s the one reminding me to always do the right things instead of always in a beast mode. yeah.

hey husband, i know you might read this later on so i want to say happy 2nd anniversary to us! of course, as i’ve sent you a while ago (this showed up in my newsfeed today how timely aye)…


good luck to the upcoming mortgage. haha! xx 🙂