Happy Mother’s Day

few weeks ago, i accidentally came across this mother’s day high tea event in facebook. i’ve been wanting to go to a high tea party, ever since i got fascinated with fancy tea set and drinking different flavours of tea! haha. someday, i’m going to fill our cupboard with lots of beautiful porcelain tea set and i will have a wide range of tea collection in my pantry. aaaahhhhh. sometimes i daydream that when hubby and i are already in our 60s, we’ll just sit at the patio sipping tea (or wine – lol) enjoying our retirement and by that time already finish paying the mortgage. 🙂

tea collection (credits to owner)
tea sets
tea set (via pinterest)

don’t get me wrong, i’m not rich nor a member of the alta sociedadmore of like a social climber wannabe lang talaga!

anyhoo, so i brought my husband and baby with me to try this adventure. my husband don’t have a choice, because i already booked the tickets before informing him. ha ha ha. i think he’d rather sleep inside the car rather joining me in this kalokohan. but as you know, i won because it’s mother’s day. MY day. ha ha ha.

when we reached the venue, the place looks formal from the outside. first panic alert because we were both underdressed. i came from a fun run/walk so i’m wearing my sweaty dry fit shirt and jogging leggings while husband was wearing sandals. while parking our car, we saw people all dressed up properly. shit i look rubbish!

then we looked for the room where we are going to have the high tea. a waiter welcomed us at the lobby and i gave him our invitation. he then brought us to our table and i feel like all eyes are on me while we walk because 1) we are underdressed and 2) i’m holding a toddler. since it’s a mother’s day high tea, i assume some of them are mums wanting to have a”me time” and the last thing they expect to see is a baby.

sorry mums, don’t judge me!

it was the longest 1 hour of our life! i was wondering how come all of them are talking in whispers and acting so prim and proper. it’s not so usssssss. it’s so hirap to make panggap talaga grabe! we ate scones, macaroons, small bread and other sweets with matching peppermint tea. yum!

tea time
scones and sweets


it’s really stressful to make panggap to be soshal. it’s another stressful thing also to look after my son and make sure he doesn’t make a scene inside the venue. i see to it that he’s not bored so we gave him entertainment, lots of food and making sure his mouth is full so he’s not capable of screaming and crying. ha ha ha. otherwise, he’ll end up making lots of noise inside that quiet room which is really pure horror to me.

looking slightly haggard because i came from a fun run/walk. ha ha ha.
husband schooling me on proper use of tea set and utensils – kaloka!

for the record, i honestly feel ashamed, stripped naked or pap smeared in public whenever he makes a tantrum scene in the public. sigh.

thanks God! we finished the 1 hour without dramas. hoorah, hallelujah! that i think, is the best mother’s day gift i received ever, to eat in public…with my boys…in peace. 🙂