Project Rolleston v0.2

i’m at home today, looking after my son who got sick over the weekend. i think he got a stomach bug again because he was vomiting which started last friday with a spell of diarrhea too. it’s hard for me and my husband when our son gets sick because either of us needs to stay at home to take care of the kid. no yaya, no aunties, no grandparentals – just me and hubby all day everyday here in new zealand, kids who go to preschool are more vulnerable in catching diseases because daycare is one of the common breeding place of germs. we’ve already exhausted all our sick leaves because baby got sickly ever since he joined preschool. every month, i have at least a day of sick leave only because my son contracted some disease – again.

anyway, we visited the site yesterday to see if there are updates since our last visit a week ago.

updates (yay):

  • laying of bricks as cladding (external)
  • laying of electrical wiring and added wall insulation inside the house (internal)

i hope that when we go back next week, the bricks cladding is already finish. i’m excited to see once they start working on the inside of the house particularly the kitchen area. here are some of my kitchen inspiration looks (photo credit: houzz). 🙂

scandinavian-kitchen (1)
clean simple look
my dream kitchen with pendant lights on it 🙂

i personally would like to make the house look cozy, homey, clean and simple. most of the looks i got are Scandinavian inspired which i really like – minimalist, clean and simple looking. can’t imagine living in a house full of glass, fancy hotel like and super sowshal…especially having a toddler around!

most likely will be back to work tomorrow. i’m always excited motivated to work now because of the house (and because we are getting a home loan soon). yikes!


4 thoughts on “Project Rolleston v0.2”

  1. Nice, Kimmie! Can’t wait to see the final output. Are you getting floor tiles or wooden floorboards? I want wooden floorboards but don’t have extra $$$. Ang mahal ng kahoy rito. LOL.


    1. Vinyl planking na mukhang kahoy yung itsura ng flooring, daming kahoy na design hahaha. Maharlika ang tiles. Ang authentic kahoy mahal din, limited budget. haha!


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