Project Rolleston v0.3

things are getting exciting!!! our friends already moved in to their new house and just seeing their finished house makes us feel more excited for our turn. we have the same home building company so i know that our house will be as nice as theirs. i sent an email to our project manager and asked for updates and here’s his update:

  • finished internal plastering

i don’t know what that means so have to google it. this is a photo i got from the internet similar to what our house looks like from the inside.

photo credits to
  • painting started this week and will go on for the next 2-3 weeks. once painting is done, kitchen installation will be next. this is my most favorite part…can’t wait!

the color selections

the external is almost done except for concrete, external landscape, fence and service court. madami pa pala, haha.

won’t be too long!