Project Rolleston v0.4

we can almost see the finish line! every time we visit the site, we’re getting more and more excited especially now that the house is almost 80% complete. the interior paint is done and only needs to be touch up once the flooring is completed. we requested for a viewing from our project manager and he is gracious to meet us this morning to show us around the house and inform us on  any updates.

new accomplishments:
– interior painting
– shelving
– vanities installed
– bath tub installed
– doors and handles installed
– garage door installed

working in progress:
– kitchen installation (which is really our favorite, hubby is getting territorial when speaking about the kitchen. hahaha!)
– driveway and service court concrete

coming soon:
– internal fence on both sides
– front landscaping
– electrical fittings
– plumbing fittings

they gave us a tentative completion date which is end of july and after that, there will be an inspection from the builder as well as the council. NZ is particular on safety so they ensure that the house is built within the standard and safe for dwelling. amazing isn’t it? once the city council grants us the certificate of compliance, the builder will give us the list of variations and our final bill and tad-ah – settlement time! i feel excited about moving in but please not too fast because i still need my august pay! ha ha.

walk in closet
kitchen installation
inside the garage
laundry room

makes me sooooooo excited to do my online shopping. but then…

…my life in a nutshell 😉


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  1. Exciting!!! Mader alam na. We are inviting ourselves to come over! Hahahaha gosh ang galing nyoooo!!! Sweet sexy home! 😉😉😉


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