Project Rolleston v0.5

juicy updates!

driveway and service court – in progress.

front view

kitchen – done. it only took a day for the contractor to finish installing the kitchen. they just put the pieces together and boom…kitchen finished! but look at those misplaced double plugs! we’ll have it fix definitely.



electricians will come over to fit in the lights this week. also expecting for the delivery of kitchen appliances.


  • coffee table – later, no budget!
  • bar stools – later, no budget!!
  • dining set – keen on buying a new one but but later, no budget!!! will use our old one instead. lol.
  • rug – search in progress
  • floor lamp – waiting for delivery. yay!
  • wall clock – waiting for delivery. hoorah!
  • couch and fridge – payment in progress and to be delivered once we move in. yay!!!

we need money definitely so thinking of selling my kidneys to the black market. joke!


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    1. thank you thanks you so much! Regards to Dan. 🙂 by the way, love the layout of your blog. looking forward to reading more posts from you. 😀


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