Project Rolleston v1.0

it’s done! the house is finished and we’re almost ready to move in. i guess, owning a house by 32 is more achievable than going back to my pre-pregnancy weight. haha! i just feel that i am more disciplined in saving money than control my eating habits. ang sarap naman kasi kumain di ba?

at this point, we are eyeing for a settlement date of next friday then move in by saturday. a week to go! our project manager told us that everything has been sorted but hubby still saw the holes in the kitchen cabinets because they fixed the position of the double plugs. i hope PM will get back to us by monday.

some updates:

  • we got the code of compliance certificate from the district council which means house is approved and built within standards. passed!
  • we will go to the local bank tomorrow to apply for the home and contents insurance which is a mandatory requirement for our home loan application. as you know, christchurch and new zealand are prone to earthquakes so insurance is a must.
  • we already paid for the final valuation of our house which is also a requirement for our home loan application.

once we have submitted all these documents, home loan will be formalised and we can discuss the loan structure. shet mangungutang na kami, haha! katakot yet exciting. haha!

sneak peek of the finished product…


the lawn doesn’t have a grass yet since it’s winter season but the landscapers will come back on spring to check it. we also plan to diy the garden like most locals do here to save us some bucks. so inspired to werk werk werk knowing you’ve got lots of bills to pay. lol!



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