Nathan turns 3

because cake and blowing candle is so much fun

my son just turned 3 few days ago. i can’t believe he’s now 3, an official THREEnager – outspoken, little human with lots of demands, smart, funny and he makes me go crazy. it’s such a delight talking to him at this age. i am amaze everyday when he comes up with new words which definitely he learned from school. he is fun to talk to although there are some days that he is really testing my patience. just like the other day, he wants a very specific nappy which i can’t figure out which one because he is just choosing from 12 IDENTICAL nappies and he doesn’t like the one that i give him. bless him.

his birthday fell on a monday. i wasn’t able to bring a cake at preschool because it was my first day on a new project. my husband told me at home that the teacher came up with a ‘fake’ cake made of clay with a candle on it, just so he can blow a candle in school. we felt sad to be honest because we thought of the kids who can’t bring any cake to share among their friends.

but the good news is that i was prepared on the sunday and bought my son a small cake. his eyes lit up when he saw the cake and he was too excited to even make a wish, as we sing ‘happy birthday’.


then finally, i bought a cake for him on a wednesday so he can share it among his friends. yay! twice the fun in blowing candles for the 2nd time around.

then we had a simple gathering at home and invited our friends. it’s our first time to celebrate his birthday with a party at our new house. we rented a bouncy castle so the kids can have fun while the adults are busy chatting with one another. i’m very grateful to our friends who helped us in preparing the food and lend their stuff to us. he also got his 3rd birthday cake – a paw patrol themed cake this time.

happy birthday to my sweetest sweetheart 🙂

next year, i’m not sure if i want to organize the same party again. perhaps we’ll have a party every other year instead? or celebrate in school? or maybe bring him to a theme park? or bring him to the PH and throw a Jollibee party? because planning a party is not my forte and also i’m not a sociable party host. lol.

anyway, happy birthday nathan. i love you sooooooooo much! we’ll do everything for you. i wish a) you will grow up to be a nice person with a BIG heart and 2) be a Red Bull extreme sports athlete so you can join the Winter Olympics. dream big di ba!? you are my mini me, my inspiration, motivation, favorite, bestfriend, son, my life and everything. ❤



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