My 10K Marathon

trying my luck on running

“What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up.” —Unknown

i hope so.

i just run my 2nd 10k marathon last sunday. my 1st serious run here in new zealand. i used to join short distance fun runs in singapore way back 5 years ago but still consider myself slow finishing 5k in 55 minutes! my 1st 10km marathon was in singapore and that one wasn’t considered a serious one. because i suddenly realized, “what was i thinking that time joining a 10k marathon without any practice or training?”  i remember i finished that race in span of more than 2 hours which is silly when you now have an idea of the average time to finish a 10k race. i did my research and found out that an average person should finish the 10k between 50-70 minutes.

i registered for the christchurch 10km road series. this is just one of the four series of the 10km event. the series consist of four different terrains to choose from – sand, trail, road and park. the runner can join all or any of the series. some people joined all 4 series which is really impressive.

i finished the run in 72 minutes. I AM HAPPY WITH THE RESULT! i set a personal target of 75 minutes as my slowest. the first 6km is mostly uphill and the last 4km is downhill. i did not train on an inclined treadmill or any uphill surface so i found the first few kilometers already exhausting and i was starting to walk on my 3km which was not part of my plan. the organizers changed the venue few weeks before the race and the new route will start on a hill. originally, the race should be at christchurch central city which is mostly a flat surface.

my result
my first serious run – ever!
my only “action shot” official photo – at the drinking stop hahaha
post run solo with cutie photobombing
with my son who patiently waited for me and for my husband who took this pic 🙂

i’m also feeling the signs of aging now. my left knee which i suspect got some arthritis on it starts to become more painful especially now that it starts to get cold. also, i felt side pains while running the last 2km stretch which slow down my progress. i can bear the pain in my legs but not the side pains i felt in my stomach. i need to research what causes that.

despite the physical pain and sore body for 3 days, i felt happy to have participated. my mind is happy and my heart is happy which is most important. also, my 2 boys woke up early to support me. or kelangan lang talaga na may maghatid sa akin sa umaga. 🙂

i’m now thinking of signing up for the 10k christchurch marathon this coming queen’s birthday holiday. hopefully, i can beat my own personal record and improve my running skills. still far from being the best though. they say, when you want to be good at something, you must become a beginner at some point. 😉 it’s fulfilling when you accomplish something and because you work hard for it.



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