My Practical Driving Test

palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

i just want to vent out that i’m so gutted for failing my practical driving exam today! i’m aiming to step up from my learner license going on a restricted driver license so that i can drive on my own without asking my husband to drive for me all the time. for my aussie friends, this is like your P plate. 🙂

unfortunately, today is not a good day for me. i failed my practical test for committing two critical errors on first stage of the test so i wasn’t able to go to the next stage anymore.

my errors…exceeding speed limit! 2 critical errors are an immediate failure.

this is emailed to me after i failed the exam

i was running on a 55 on a 50 speed limit and also run a 38 on a temporary road works speed limit of 30.

how frustrating! booking another resit will cost me another $135 which you know is not cheap. i felt like my hundred bucks went to the drain and also, i felt a bit demoralise. i hope this feeling won’t be long.

i guess i need to practice more. no excuses. i’m a bad driver for now.

i hate my life right now.



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