Travel: Japan Visa Approval

i’m excited!!! thank you lord! i got my passport today from the japanese embassy with approved 15day single entry tourist visa to japan. yehey! now, at least i have something to look forward to for next month. as you all know, july is my favorite month because it’s my birthmonth and i see to it […]

Second Month

it was a double celebration for our family yesterday. my baby turned 2 months old and it’s husband’s birthday too. this is one of those times that my husband is older than me. kahit last na sa calendaryo, fresh na fresh pa din di ba?! haha! it was a very simple day for the three […]

Random: One Hanami Day

hanami in japanese culture, means flower viewing particularly the ‘cherry blossoms’ during spring. people usually go to the park or gardens to have picnic under the beautiful cherry blossom trees with their families, friends or colleagues. japanese sometimes wear their traditional kimono or yukata during the hanami festival. it has always been my dream to go to […]

Food: Thai Night

there is always something special about finding great food in hidden places. it’s like discovering a secret that only a few people knows. one day while husband and i were strolling along new brighton area, we happen to pass by a simple thai dine and take away place tuck in an alley at a mini mall near the beach. by the […]