About Me

skydiving @ queenstown, new zealand
  1. my name is kim. not kimberly, just kim.
  2. i am a filipina. a korean sounding name doesn’t guarantee i am one. though i know what saranghae means. 🙂
  3. leo is my zodiac sign. loyal, trustworthy, straightforward with a dash of possessiveness and impatience. haha!
  4. i graduated with a bs computer science degree. i’m far from nerd and most of the time pretending to be one (especially when the boss is around – haha).
  5. i bake and blog. these are the activities that i love to do, which i don’t have much time anymore. i have been blogging since 2010 and started with baking only 3 years ago.
  6. ph/sg/nz. i worked in the ph for 5 years then moved to sg and worked there for 3 years. i’m now in nz, enjoying the laid back and no overtime culture in the workplace.
  7. i love books. i am an avid reader which started when i was in grade 3 after i got a copy of the ‘sweet valley kids’ book. i have read the nancy drew, hardy boys, romantic novels and a lot more genres. my favorite book genres now are autobiographies, psychology or personal improvement books. my least favorites are fantasy and sci-fi because i don’t believe in fantasy and out of this world stuff. i’m living in the reality, ok?
  8. i am a boring person. i don’t normally watch tv series and long movies because i don’t like sitting for too long and obligated to finish it. but i like watching foreign films because watching movies with subtitles are awesome. anyway, check #7.
  9. i am a mother. i have a toddler who sucks all my energy and patience, but i dearly love the most and makes my life complete.
  10. i am a wife. i met my husband in the university. and we are now 13 years together. my goodness.
  11. i love people who are adventurous, spontaneous, decisive and knows what they want.
  12. i dislike people who seeks attention, bossy and gives unsolicited advice.
  13. i love to clean. konmari, cleaning the house and other people’s mess are my therapy. haha! i sometimes have a bad case of OCD and just want to clean and throw stuff out of the window.
  14. i love minimalism. take it from #13. less is more, that is my mantra. less talk, less mistakes. less clutter, less stress. this is not applicable to money though!
  15. if i’m not a software test analyst, i could be your friendly neighbor police or librarian. haha!

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