My Beauty Regimen

To begin with, I don’t really have a regular beauty regimen. In fact, I am the laziest person when it comes to beautification. I guess that’s one of the reasons my husband loves me because I am a low maintenance, zero fuck given kind of girl in terms of beauty department though I have to admit that from time to time, looking at the mirror is one of my favorite things to do. I have a make up kit which I rarely used and almost nearing expiry. I don’t know how to make nice eyebrows, contour and blend. Waley!

So it is a safe assumption that my face is one of my most neglected body parts. That’s why now, at the age of 32, I can now see the signs of aging on my face like dark spots from sun exposure as well as lines and wrinkles under my eyes. I spent many years traveling and YOLO YOLO without wearing sunblock – aray! I suddenly panic and it dawned on me, “Shet, wala na pala ako sa calendaryo!”. Now, I realize that I need to do something to slow down (not stop) the signs of aging because as you know, AGING is inevitable.

I bought these beauty products recently so I can do my nightly rituals again and hopefully my face will improve a bit. My face looks dull, dry and I feel like I look older than most 40-year-old out there. These are different from the ones I bought previously. It’s exciting to try new products once in a while.

Kiehl's Toner and Facial Wash
Kiehl’s Toner and Facial Wash

Among the beauty products I tried, my face best works with Kiehl’s products. Last year, when I started using Kiehl’s, some of my colleagues noticed that my face was glowing and they asked me what beauty product I used so I told them that I used Kiehl’s toner, facial wash and moisturizer every night below.

But that stopped when I finished all of them and budget became tight when we moved to our new house and most of my money was for paying bills, mortgage, daycare and buying new furniture. Now, I am trying to make a goal every month to buy 1-2 beauty products if my budget allows it. A good beauty product is never cheap! I am a cheap person and after buying cheap products, I found them ineffective and not long-lasting so I am changing my approach and will buy more quality products but a bit pricey of course. Next month, these are the next on my list – a moisturizer (yes I don’t moisturize which is really evil right), an eye cream and a night serum before I go to sleep (Zzzzzzz).

Doing the accounting, these will cost me around $200. Now, I feel guilty buying a $200 worth of beauty products in one swipe unlike before. But I am also thinking that this is my treat for myself because I honestly feel, I’m feeling old.

Do you have any beauty products that you can recommend? Also any nice tips and tricks to improve the skin especially for a Mom like me? Don’t worry about me not getting enough 8 hours of sleep because I’m usually at bed as early as 9 pm and wakes up at 630-7 am. 😉


Welcome 2017!

happy new year friends! it’s another year full of hope, dreams and fun-filled adventures for me and my family. 2016 has been good and i’m grateful for all the wonderful things that happened to me. our new home is the best thing that happened to us for the past year. despite adjusting to budgeting and feeling poor as ever (haha), health wise, career wise and family wise…i am joyful and contented.


my yearly new year’s resolution of losing weight never progressed and wishing for a slimmer figure is like…


i find new year resolutions easy to break like promises you can’t deliver. though there are some things in 2016 that i would like to continue and improve better such as:

  • keeping in touch with friends and family and checking how they’re doing from time to time.
  • keeping a clutter free home and being organize in my personal belongings, computer files, friends in social media (ONLY stay connected to people who matter).
  • unfollow and unfriend dramatic and attention seeking social media super star wannabes.
  • debt free and organize family budgeting.
  • more camping, tramping and other outdoor adventures.
  • learn and improve new skills related to my job and also for personal growth.
  • talking less and listening more.
  • limiting my social media posts. i am pertaining to facebook. (rather filtering the audience of my posts, i chose to delete people whom i haven’t spoken for a while. haha! easy peasy.)

i feel this year will be as good as last year. or better. 🙂


Happy 2nd Anniversary

today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary. my husband and i have been together for the last 13 years and people hearing how long we are in the relationship are mostly amused and impressed. i’m going to ask my husband later on if he’s feeling the same way. haha. literally, we’re always together through 80kg and 90kg. lol!

life before stress came along. :p

we don’t have any special plan for today. in the 13 years that we are together, i don’t remember a time that we celebrated our anniversary extravagantly like watching fireworks in the sky, flash mob surprises or him giving me a ferrari. my husband is not the flower-chocolate-surprise me type of guy. i wish he is. the surprise i usually get from him is usually not receiving any surprises at all! oh wait, he’s a subscriber to this blog and might object so ok…he does give me gifts once in a while. lol. 🙂 anyway, i prefer him not giving me too much gifts as long as he gives his salary to me for safekeeping, i’m good. hoorah!

kidding aside, my husband is the greatest partner (for me) and the best father to bubs. i can’t imagine myself with somebody else. you see, God gives us the right person who complements our personality, accepts and forgives our flaws and of course someone who can tolerate our bad habits like farting and acting as if nothing happened. my husband cooks great food, most patient in handling stressful matters (like tiny person) and i always feel like the donald trump in the relationship and he’s the one reminding me to always do the right things instead of always in a beast mode. yeah.

hey husband, i know you might read this later on so i want to say happy 2nd anniversary to us! of course, as i’ve sent you a while ago (this showed up in my newsfeed today how timely aye)…


good luck to the upcoming mortgage. haha! xx 🙂


Why is it hard to make friends when you’re older?

it dawned on me that after three years of staying here in new zealand, i still don’t have many friends. i don’t have kiwi friends, work friends nor hobby friends.

when i first arrived here three years ago after accepting a job offer, it would have been a great opportunity for me to socialize and make friends with people at work. it was a diverse working environment and we are a mix of different nationalities coming from china, india, russia and philippines. i left that job during my maternity leave and now i realize,”how come i never made friends to anyone of them?“. they are not in my facebook nor i heard from them since i filed my resignation. i just disappeared in that workplace not leaving any mark nor gained any friends.

currently, i’m deployed to a client working on a project having a multicultural team. in a week’s time, i’m ending this project too and will be deployed to another client again. then same question, “how come i never made friends to anyone of them?” oh wait, one of them added me in facebook recently.

why is it so hard to make friends when you’re older? i’m starting to feel like this ever since i moved here in new zealand. well actually, i still talk to people at work but it never came to a point that i met somebody whom i can call as a ‘true friend’, the confidante type whom i can share almost anything and treat him/her as my ‘best friend’. as much as i hate to admit it, it’s not you…it’s me.

i realize i’m not trusting enough. i suddenly felt cautious in sharing my life especially to someone whom i just met. i feel that the world is small and i don’t like joining gatherings like pinoy communities or any get together because gossiping is not my cup of tea and i don’t find any value in talking about someone behind their back.

it could probably, my values changed. my priorities change as well. i don’t have the time to make chika as i used to. after doing my eight-hour job, i’m so exhausted and yet i have a kid to look after. by the time i finished doing most of the chores, i’m dead tired and i just want to sleep.

at this point, i just want to keep the few friends that i have. they are few, less than the number of fingers in my hands. what happened to the old, social butterfly me? why did the antisocial meter shot up to its maximum? why all of a sudden i became uninterested with people? why do i like deleting people in my facebook list? how come i don’t add the people i know and just ignore the ‘add friend’ button? why did i become so elusive?




If You Leave

few weeks ago, i talked to my husband and told him that i’m contemplating of leaving the IT industry for good. up to this day, working for almost 10 years now, i still haven’t found my passion for this industry and more of like a survival thing every day. you go to work, sitting for 8 hours and finishing your task, waiting for the clock so you can grab your belongings and heading out to the nearest door. it was like that for 10 years. fortunately, i was able to find good employers and also passed certification exams required for my career. but deep into my core, i feel empty and want something more meaningful.

i was thinking of switching to another job, perhaps after i get my citizenship here. guess what? i’m thinking of joining the police force, be a constable and climbing my way to the top so i can be a dog handler inside the airport or chasing robbers in the street. bad ass!

me joining the police force
me joining the police force

what makes me stay in my current job and industry is that it’s financially rewarding and we are planning to build a house soon, so every dollar counts. also, one of the basic requirements in joining the police force is that i should be at least holding a restricted driving license. i’m just on my learners! but we will get there soon. 😉

sick and tired of sitting at work, just makes my hips bigger and me fatter. so i want something challenging, exciting and touching people’s lives (mehganoun) so yeah, keeping my fingers, legs and toes crossed that i will become a constable officer in the near future. taray nu teh!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”