Try and try until you succeed!

Woohoo! I finally passed my practical driving test for restricted license. I’m ecstatic to have accomplished this goal I set for myself this year. I’ve been holding the learner’s license for a while now so I need to up-skill myself.

Finally, luck and the right skills were on my side during the exam day and I finally got my temporary driver’s license. Woooohooo!

I booked my exam three weeks after I failed the first one. I’m really keen to give it a go and I felt there’s nothing to lose now – since I already failed my first attempt anyway. Exam retake is a bit costly but cheaper compared to the first one. My first exam cost me $130 and my resit only cost me $80.

My exam was scheduled 10:15 in the morning. It was raining hard the past night and an hour before I sit the driving test, it was raining hail! The weather looked miserable though I thought this will give me some excuse to slow down a bit as road conditions were not too good. Remember, I failed the first time because I exceeded the speed limit TWICE!

My testing officer was an old kind looking man. I felt comfortable because he doesn’t look intimidating which calm my nerves a bit. My hands were cold before I had the exam. It was a nerve wracking experience.

When it was my turn, the officer called my name. He checked my learners permit and confirm my details. After that, he did some vehicle inspections like checking the light indicators and brake lights if working. Then once confirmed all working fine, we started the driving test.

For the first 15 minutes, we just drove around the areas with speed limit of 50kmh, mostly residential areas or inside streets just for him to assess if I can safely drive around and know the basics. This is the first stage which I failed previously because I exceeded the speed limits. Haha! I was also asked to do a reverse parallel parking at this stage. I don’t do parallel parking normally so I’m nervous and praying that I won’t hit the kerb otherwise, it will be an immediate failure.

After the 15 minutes and he told me that I completed the first stage, I have a huge sigh of relief. The officer told me I looked tense and I said that I’m a bit relax now that I completed the first stage. He brought me then to areas of varying speed limits with busy intersections and roundabouts as these are more challenging and to fully assess my driving skills.

After the grueling 45 minutes of driving and making sure I don’t exceed the speed limit, extra cautious and following rules, head checks, signalling and any other driving rules to follow my officer told me that we can now go back to the testing center.

When we arrived at the testing center, he told me to park the car. He told me that I did really well and passed the test. Yehey!!! He removed the L plates in the dashboard which I found really symbolic and I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear making me extremely look stupid. Haha! My husband saw all of that while he was waiting for me and he was laughing. Haha!

I was issued a temporary driver license which is a small receipt looking paper and I have to wait for my photo card to be delivered at home. I CAN NOW FINALLY DRIVE ON MY OWN! I feel independent, empowered and more freedom to be able to do more things now that I can drive.


I think what worked well for my driving test retake are the following:

  1. I was extra cautious of my speed this time, having to check my dashboard every now and then making sure I don’t exceed the speed limit. Hehe. I never exceeded the speed this time and I’m really proud of it – lol! This is good because most accidents across New Zealand are caused by speed related incidents.
  1. I enrolled for two extra driving lessons with a professional after failing my test the first time. I asked my driving instructor to bring me to the testing route so I will have an idea of the streets I need to go and I can review the speed limits on those areas. Lo and behold, 90% of the route on my exam was taught to me by my driving instructor.
  1. I am no longer as nervous as the first time. Because no pressure to fail again – since I already failed the first time. Haha! I know what to do and what to expect.
  1. I kept my driving retake plans a big secret like it was a delicate pregnancy. I guess when I had the exam on the first time, a lot of people knew about it and I believe that jinx my luck. This time, I only told my husband and my boss because I had to ask permission for a half day off.
  1. More practice. I was driving to and from work as much as I can if weather is good. I am now comfortable with roundabouts and motorways with 100kmh speed limit. Haha!

I am thrilled to have passed my exam and to have accomplish this goal. More practice and confidence and I can do my full practical exam – but that’s another problem. 🙂




My Practical Driving Test

palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

i just want to vent out that i’m so gutted for failing my practical driving exam today! i’m aiming to step up from my learner license going on a restricted driver license so that i can drive on my own without asking my husband to drive for me all the time. for my aussie friends, this is like your P plate. 🙂

unfortunately, today is not a good day for me. i failed my practical test for committing two critical errors on first stage of the test so i wasn’t able to go to the next stage anymore.

my errors…exceeding speed limit! 2 critical errors are an immediate failure.

this is emailed to me after i failed the exam

i was running on a 55 on a 50 speed limit and also run a 38 on a temporary road works speed limit of 30.

how frustrating! booking another resit will cost me another $135 which you know is not cheap. i felt like my hundred bucks went to the drain and also, i felt a bit demoralise. i hope this feeling won’t be long.

i guess i need to practice more. no excuses. i’m a bad driver for now.

i hate my life right now.


My 10K Marathon

trying my luck on running

“What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up.” —Unknown

i hope so.

i just run my 2nd 10k marathon last sunday. my 1st serious run here in new zealand. i used to join short distance fun runs in singapore way back 5 years ago but still consider myself slow finishing 5k in 55 minutes! my 1st 10km marathon was in singapore and that one wasn’t considered a serious one. because i suddenly realized, “what was i thinking that time joining a 10k marathon without any practice or training?”  i remember i finished that race in span of more than 2 hours which is silly when you now have an idea of the average time to finish a 10k race. i did my research and found out that an average person should finish the 10k between 50-70 minutes.

i registered for the christchurch 10km road series. this is just one of the four series of the 10km event. the series consist of four different terrains to choose from – sand, trail, road and park. the runner can join all or any of the series. some people joined all 4 series which is really impressive.

i finished the run in 72 minutes. I AM HAPPY WITH THE RESULT! i set a personal target of 75 minutes as my slowest. the first 6km is mostly uphill and the last 4km is downhill. i did not train on an inclined treadmill or any uphill surface so i found the first few kilometers already exhausting and i was starting to walk on my 3km which was not part of my plan. the organizers changed the venue few weeks before the race and the new route will start on a hill. originally, the race should be at christchurch central city which is mostly a flat surface.

my result
my first serious run – ever!
my only “action shot” official photo – at the drinking stop hahaha
post run solo with cutie photobombing
with my son who patiently waited for me and for my husband who took this pic 🙂

i’m also feeling the signs of aging now. my left knee which i suspect got some arthritis on it starts to become more painful especially now that it starts to get cold. also, i felt side pains while running the last 2km stretch which slow down my progress. i can bear the pain in my legs but not the side pains i felt in my stomach. i need to research what causes that.

despite the physical pain and sore body for 3 days, i felt happy to have participated. my mind is happy and my heart is happy which is most important. also, my 2 boys woke up early to support me. or kelangan lang talaga na may maghatid sa akin sa umaga. 🙂

i’m now thinking of signing up for the 10k christchurch marathon this coming queen’s birthday holiday. hopefully, i can beat my own personal record and improve my running skills. still far from being the best though. they say, when you want to be good at something, you must become a beginner at some point. 😉 it’s fulfilling when you accomplish something and because you work hard for it.



Nathan turns 3

because cake and blowing candle is so much fun

my son just turned 3 few days ago. i can’t believe he’s now 3, an official THREEnager – outspoken, little human with lots of demands, smart, funny and he makes me go crazy. it’s such a delight talking to him at this age. i am amaze everyday when he comes up with new words which definitely he learned from school. he is fun to talk to although there are some days that he is really testing my patience. just like the other day, he wants a very specific nappy which i can’t figure out which one because he is just choosing from 12 IDENTICAL nappies and he doesn’t like the one that i give him. bless him.

his birthday fell on a monday. i wasn’t able to bring a cake at preschool because it was my first day on a new project. my husband told me at home that the teacher came up with a ‘fake’ cake made of clay with a candle on it, just so he can blow a candle in school. we felt sad to be honest because we thought of the kids who can’t bring any cake to share among their friends.

but the good news is that i was prepared on the sunday and bought my son a small cake. his eyes lit up when he saw the cake and he was too excited to even make a wish, as we sing ‘happy birthday’.


then finally, i bought a cake for him on a wednesday so he can share it among his friends. yay! twice the fun in blowing candles for the 2nd time around.

then we had a simple gathering at home and invited our friends. it’s our first time to celebrate his birthday with a party at our new house. we rented a bouncy castle so the kids can have fun while the adults are busy chatting with one another. i’m very grateful to our friends who helped us in preparing the food and lend their stuff to us. he also got his 3rd birthday cake – a paw patrol themed cake this time.

happy birthday to my sweetest sweetheart 🙂

next year, i’m not sure if i want to organize the same party again. perhaps we’ll have a party every other year instead? or celebrate in school? or maybe bring him to a theme park? or bring him to the PH and throw a Jollibee party? because planning a party is not my forte and also i’m not a sociable party host. lol.

anyway, happy birthday nathan. i love you sooooooooo much! we’ll do everything for you. i wish a) you will grow up to be a nice person with a BIG heart and 2) be a Red Bull extreme sports athlete so you can join the Winter Olympics. dream big di ba!? you are my mini me, my inspiration, motivation, favorite, bestfriend, son, my life and everything. ❤



Hello 2018!

what are your goals for this year?

welcome to another year. a brand new year for taking chances, correcting mistakes, improving ourself and another year to be thankful to all the blessings we receive. #blessed naman talaga in so many ways di ba? i am grateful to the previous year although there were some challenges which thankfully, i survived!

last year, i set some major goals for myself and i was able to accomplished most of them. of course, it won’t be possible without the support of my family, friends and most especially to my husband for his guidance and extra push…especially during the driving lessons. 🙂  i can now comfortably drive along the motorway and can go to the gym and grocery by myself. haha! also, one of my goals was to take an advanced test analyst certification related to my job to continuously improve my work and was able to passed it early this year while i was on bench.

this year, i am doing the same exercise and listed some goals which i hope to accomplish within this year. i categorized them into personal, financial, fitness & health and house improvement goals. i figured out it’s easier to track the goals if i write them down so i can revisit it at the end of the year. here are some of the goals which i hope to accomplish this year. i hope this will inspire you to come up with your own goals, we can do this guys! all we need is focus, a positive mindset and put a lot of love and effort to what we want to do. 🙂

personal goals

  • finish at least 1 book per month.
  • working smart at work. most of the time, i feel i’m working hard enough but not smart enough. lol!
  • making more (quality) friends and avoiding gossip.
  • social media fasting particularly facebook. i will try to post an average of 1-2 updates per month for close family and friends. facebook and i have a love-hate relationship. i love fb when i see the updates from close family and friends but sometimes i hate it when they overkill me with their life updates.
  • fb social media deactivate for a month because i realized that sometimes i spent too much time on it and lots of precious time wasted. i also want to focus more on doing meaningful tasks such as exercising at the gym, reading books and spending time with the family.
  • i will still keep my instagram though which is my favorite social media platform.
  • saying ‘No’. less commitment, less pressure, less obligation means more time for me to relax and do the things i want.
  • more adventures – camping, walking and outdoor stuff with my husband and son
  • another jump on my 34th birthday 🙂
  • take another certification exam related to my work and passing it.
  • take a practical restricted driving test and passing it.

fitness and health goals

  • shed my holiday weight (australia holiday food intake + christmas/ny binge eating).
  • spend more time at the gym by going there 4x a week.
  • improved my cardio so i can pursue running as an activity.
  • improved my strength training so i can carry heavy stuff and my son when we go for walking trips.
  • body toning and conditioning – haha! writing this down because this is so hard to achieve!

financial goals

  • replenish my son’s college savings fund and reach the target amount
  • pay credit card debt from the house improvement purchases i made from last boxing day. hahaha.
  • more savings now that my son’s already turning 3 years old and daycare fee will have 50% discount. woohoooo!

house improvement goals

  • buy an indoor plant
  • buy plants for the side patio near the window sill
  • upgrade our dining table

happy new year everyone! i hope you smash all your set goals for this year. we can do this!