Random: Christmas Spirit

This year is my first time to spend Christmas away from home. Last year, I spent Christmas together with my family and went back immediately after to spend New Year here in Singapore. I would say that nothing beats the Christmas and New Year’s celebration in the PH. I regret not coming home this year because I found out that there isn’t much to do at work because of the code change freeze and I’ve slacked off for the past few weeks.

Anyway, OFW Christmas doesn’t have to be that lonely. I’m grateful and happy to complete the 9 days mass. Also, since a few of us at work did not go home for the holidays, we just spent it together and celebrate it on our own way. ūüôā

Thank God for friends and gatherings…


…for the overwhelming foods (grabe talaga yung sisig, bagnet at adobo rice with taba ng talangka…(@_@)

 Pre-Christmas Dinner with Friends @ 7107 Flavours

Lunch treat @ Tung Lok Signatures

Foodies @ work

Noche Buena with Friends

…for the gifts, generous givers and friends who never fail to remember


Despite being away from my family and special someone, I still enjoyed my Christmas. Looking forward now to a happy New Year’s celebration in the PH with my family. Excited!!!

Random: Happy New 2011 √ľ

As 2010 comes to a close,¬†let me recall¬†how my 2010 went like and the highlights, challenges and other stuff which made this year “very exciting” (Parang nag po-post mortem lang sa office) √ľ

January,2010: I got a job offer to work in SG. This opportunity came to me in the midst of my personal battle with LDR and the very¬†stressful work¬†I had in¬†my previous company. It is always true that God listens to our prayers and that he won’t give us anything we can’t handle. I’m very grateful to him for this blessing because I was¬†able to achieve most of my personal set goals for this year such as the perks of independent living, reaching my target savings¬†and¬†travel solo. But the most important thing of all, I’m with Darwin again who’s the very reason why I applied for this job in the first place.

Primo Team

March,2010: Yes to independent living! I found a new place near my workplace where I can stay permanently. I was never away from my parents in my 26 years of existence. I hardly go to bars and late night parties because I was living the Cinderella life and should always be home by midnight. So this ‘solo living’ is new to me. It’s just that there are times that I miss them a lot since I’m now living with complete strangers plus the fact that I have to prepare my own food, do my own laundry and ironing and etc. Sometimes, I end up missing some meals because I’m lazy to prepare my own food and I have to go to work with all those creases on my clothes. sigh

Independent Living

May,2010: I experienced traveling solo by going to Phuket, Thailand. It’s every girls dream to travel solo once in their lifetime or at least before they settle down. So why Phuket?¬†I was inspired by the movie “The Beach” and after I saw that movie, I told myself that I’ll go to that place sometime in my life. The place is beautiful though a bit crowded. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience I’ll forever cherish. And I’m looking forward for more travel experiences this 2011. Woohoo!

Solo travel to Thailand

September,2010: Darwin and I went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for our 7th year anniversary.¬†It rained on the first day that’s why we weren’t able to fully explore the city.¬†Still, we enjoyed the other activities such as the river cruise, the buffet, the thrill of crossing the streets of Vietnam with all those motorcycles, Jollibee hunting¬†and the late night cheap drinks.

Happy Days in Ho Chi Minh

Challenges…challenges…oh dear Lord. Mag ma mala MMK ang blog na ito pag sinulat ko lahat. I just want to forget all the 2010 bad memories and keep the lessons. The heart breaking moments, disappointments, failed expectations, the mistakes I made – I want to bury them and just keep with me the good memories. I might need that Johnson’s baby shampoo ‘No More Tears’ for next year. Despite the challenges, I’m still thankful because my faith strengthened and now I know how to deal with them in the future. √ľ

Lessons learned…madami.

  • Anger management. Pigilin as in p-i-g-i-l-i-n ang emosyon lalo na ang magalit. Isipin mabuti ang pagkakagalitan kung nasa tamang katwiran.


  • Give the benefit of the doubt. Wag maging paranoid, mapaghinala, suspetsyosa ng sobra. Though
  • Trust your instincts. Chances are 98% of our intuition and gut feeling ay accurate.

Be Positive

  • Trust + Love + Respect + Understanding = Relationship. Yan ang formula.

Follow the formula

  • Appreciate the small things. Dun pala pumapasok ang ‘Big things come in small packages’.


  • Love yourself. Di masama magmahal ng sobra. Human nature lang ang maging tanga sa love paminsan minsan. Pero magtira ng para sa sarili. Para mahalin ka din ng naaayon sa gusto mo at di ka kulang kulang. ūüôā

Love Yourself

  • Do not forget to pray. Tried and tested yan mapa bad times or good times.


I’m just looking forward to a positive, happy and relaxing 2011 ahead of me. Goodbye na to the not-so-good 2010 memories at hello sa exciting 2011. More travels, more enriching personal experiences and¬†more goals to accomplish for me. Gooooood Viiibbbbeeeessss!