Random: Adopt a Dog

one day, while watching cesar millan’s ‘dog whisperer‘ show at the national geographic channel, i saw the commercial for the ‘adopt a dog‘ event to be held at east coast park. as a dog lover, i got curious and immediately search for the details. i want to check out the dogs for adoption, as well as see the other cute dogs roaming around so i can take pictures. as much as i’d like to get one for myself, the procedure is not that easy. there are certain rules and requirements needed to become eligible foster parents to these dogs.

Adopt a Dog

it’s a fun and interactive event. the vets and other dog experts gave some tips on dog care and handling. there’s also a dog massage booth and a photo booth to enjoy. i’m very excited to see so many dogs in one event, i wish i could get the dogs i want and bring them home with me. hahaha.

Tips from the experts

here are some of the dogs for adoption…

Cute dogs for adoption

just like humans, they too need a loving home. 😦

and the ‘posh dogs’…

Cute Dogs in many shapes and sizes 🙂

i also saw some dogs swimming at the beach. it’s such a nice scene to watch. the dogs are happy and carefree swimming at the beach. i wish life is as simple as this. maging aso na lang ako — kain, tulog and swimming lang problemahin ko. hehe.

 Swim swim swim!

i enjoyed the event so much. it not only raise my awareness on dogs but also made me realize that dogs just like us, have feelings too looking for love and acceptance. i’m very touch to see that there are good souls willing to adopt these homeless dogs. nakakatouch talaga, ang cute at behave ng mga aso for adoption. kung fairy godmother lang ako ng mga asong yan, bibigyan ko sila ng family each para di na sila malungkot. 

whether we own a dog, a cat or any kind of pet at home, let’s give them the love and treat them well. most of the time, kinakausap ko sila dahil feeling ko naiintindihan nila ako. pag masaya ako, maharot sila. pag malungkot ako, tahimik lang sila. di nila ako jinajudge kahit minsan malditang master ako at kinukurot ko lang tenga nila. i love my dogs and they’re my bestfriends. 🙂

 *my cute little devils at home (“,)*