Bungy Jumping on my Birthday

I celebrated my 33rd birthday last weekend. Time flies! I could not believe that all those years have gone by in an instant. Despite working for almost a decade, sometimes I feel that my skills are still like that of a fresh graduate out of university – walang alam. Haha! There are times that I feel young inside even acting childish but then I can hear my joints making a cracking sound every time I move!

Anyway, we went to Hanmer Springs last weekend to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a while since we went out-of-town and my husband miss going out for a long drive. What a perfect time for us because the weather was so good last week and the mountains are filled with snow due to a recent snow storm here in New Zealand.

We passed by a tourist information centre and I saw that they are offering various activities such as quad biking, jet boating, rafting, canoeing and bungy. I am interested to bungy but I told my husband to give me some time to think. I need to think if I still have the guts to jump, what’s gonna happen to them if something goes wrong and so on.

I gave it some thought. Like 3 minutes.

I went back to the information centre and I booked a bungy session for the following day!

Motherhood may have changed me as a person but then I will always be a YOLO girl at heart. I hope if there’s some trait that my son will get from me, that is never to be afraid and to have faith that things will work out in a positive way. πŸ™‚





Travel: Macau, China and Bungy Jumping

Muntik pa akong umuwi ng luhaan. My dad sent me an SMS message this morning to greet me, “Anak, Happy Birthday. Ang lakas ng ulan dito. Naalala ko tuloy nung pinanganak ka noon, ang lakas din ng ulan.” (Taray ni Pudra may reminiscinghahaha!) πŸ™‚

I’ve thought of doing this (bungy) since last year.Β I’ll make my bungy jump experience as a separate entry post here, simply because: 1) It coincides (almost) with my 27th birthday and 2) I can cross it out from my to do list — Bungy Jump at Macau (World’s Highest Bungy Jump at 233 meters/764 ft) βœ“. I’m still at a state of euphoria, so please bear with me friends if you see me in this funny I-have-this-big-grin-all-over-my-face-look-with-tingin-sa-kawalan moment. πŸ˜‰


I arrived from the airport and went to Macau Tower for the scheduled 11AM jump. But due to strong winds (there’s an impending typhoon galing pa ng Pinas at hindi ko na realize na ang birthday ko ay laging tag-ulan), they have to close the Bungy til further notice. Ok, put@#$%*^ maiiyak ba ako? Ayoko umuwi ng luhaan noh! So I waited for an hour and a half hoping for a miracle, but then the rain started to pour. As in, big drops of rain with matching strong winds pa. As much as I’m trying to be positive, the gray heavy clouds were telling me, “Wala na yan, ipasyal mo na lang sa iba yan, para di naman sayang ang effort“.

(So I’ve decided to go on a walking tour instead.Β Other details soon.:))

Since I’m the poorest of the poor at Macau, I only afford to eat my Mr.Chips and bottled juice drinks which I bought at 7-11 Changi Budget Terminal for $SGD1 each. Tipid limited edition ang budgey!

God is good all the time. The weather improved during the afternoon. Unfortunately, check-in time ko na sa airport yun. I’m torn — should I go home empty-handed? Or happy?Β As always, I choose to be happy and decided to go for it. Wala din pala yung cheap ticket na round trip since I bought a one way ticket pauwi kinabukasan. Hehehe! πŸ˜€

To make the story short, I survived and conquered my most thrilling life experience — to jump from the World’s Highest Bungy. I wasn’t scared at all. Di ko ma explain ang feeling pero basta masaya! Sinong normal na tao ba naman ang mag buwis buhay di ba!? But, just like what I always tell myself…”Normal is Boring”. So hayan magpaka-gaga tayo minsan. πŸ™‚

“Why live on the edge when you can jump off?”

LoL @ Falling People

Strapping the Safety Harness – excited!

Boarding Pass

Safety straps for the feet

The cord attached to the feet starts pulling me

Getting Ready

LoL at kapit sa braso ni Kuya – ang hangin sa taas!



From πŸ™‚ …

…to πŸ˜€

I got a picture/video CD, certificate and lifetime membership card as souvenirs. On my 4th jump, it’s for free. Eh kung gawin kong panata every year?! Hahaha! 2nd jump at 28th…3rd jump at 29th and 4th ‘FREE’ jump on the 30th. Ayos, another milestone. πŸ™‚

Bungy Certificate


I’m happy, ecstatic, thrilled…naku lahat na ng kasiyahan adjectives! Happy from the jump, walking alone and getting lost at Macau, kumain sa Senado Square ng spaghetti from 7-11 dahil wala ako enough funds pang kain sa masarap at matulog sa airport dahil wala akong enough funds pang overnight…kahit sa hostel!

Life is good…God is good. Looking forward to another year of happy life. πŸ™‚