Travel: Coron, Palawan

I made a promise to myself that when I decide to visit Palawan, I will bring my family with me. Palawan is special to me and the family, as father dearest was born and raised there. Of course, like a little boy with a brand new toy, father is the most excited and happiest. 🙂

The Coron trip was my 2nd time in Palawan, Puerto Princesa being the first. I knew that Coron has the best pristine beaches in the country, so I’m kind of thinking how would my parents appreciate the trip if they’re not the outdoor, beach bumming type of people. But I still brought them there anyway for a well deserved family vacation.

Coron Family Trip

Our first stop is Calauit Safari. The place was far from Busuanga (city), 2-3 hours of bumpy ride at least. I think we spent most of our time inside the van just traveling which is pretty tiring. Upon arrival, we immediately started the tour so as not to waste time. We saw a herd of Calamian Deer freely roaming around. They’re cute, I even took a picture of them staring right at me. 🙂 Other animals can also be seen such as zebra, bear cats, porcupines and wild hogs. I’m very much looking forward to see some giraffes but unfortunately, they’re hiding somewhere in the forest since it was a hot 2PM then.

Calamian Deer and Zebras

Bear Cat and Porcupine

Next day, we went on an island hopping tour. We just enjoyed the beautiful scenery while inside the boat (can’t force the parents to swim/snorkel) — hahaha!


Ready for Island Hopping 

Island Hopping

After the island hopping tour, we went to Banul Beach for lunch. We were given free time in case we wanted to swim or explore around.

Banul Beach

Last stop, Kayangan Lake. You have to walk all the way up to get some nice view of the lake. Since this is the last in our itinerary, my parents were already tired so they just waited for us. I don’t mind going up since I’m curious as to what is in there. Now I know what’s there to see…

Kayangan Lake

It’s been six months already since I last went home. I miss the domestic and short out-of-town trips in the PH. Feeling ko gusto ko umuwi, pero kelan?