Travel: Tagaytay

(Circa 2008: Ang pinaka baklang trip sa balat ng lupa) 

One summer day of 2008, Jex and I went to Paradizoo Farm in Tagaytay. Jex is one of my close friends from my previous company. We immediately hit it off the first time we met. He’s the funniest and sexiest among all my gay friends (Note: Jex puring puri ka na dito ha, hindi normal to. Haha!).

Jex and I at Paradizoo

Paradizoo is a farm/zoo found at the hills of Mendez, Cavite…hmm almost Tagaytay area. We rode the Tagaytay bus at Pasay bus terminal (the one behind Sogo). It took us 2 hours to reach the place. The zoo is well maintained and really a good place for family, couples or solo weekend getaway. I really like the place, it’s very gay — ang daming flowers! 🙂

The animals are very cute too. I like the kid and the mini carabao. 😉 There’s also the special animals like ‘Bull-Tez-Five’ which has 5 legs…and the sleeping 5-legged pig.

Geese, Bull-tez-5, SleePIG and pony

Carabao, kid and the snake (ooops not me)

I love going to the zoo. I like the feeling of being young again, just like going on a school field trip during my younger days (Shit, I feel ‘manang’ saying this ‘my younger days’ Haha!).

Ang dami lang namin pictures, mapa…


Llamas, boars and ponies

Horse, baby swans and carabaos



…and of course kami, ‘Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa balat ng Lupa’. Hahaha, patalbugan sa shots, luvet!

My Happy-Go-Lucky Days

…ang ayaw patalo. Ikaw na nga!

Sexy Jex

I suddenly miss Jex. He maybe the most vulgar, promiscuous (hindi ba?!) and loudest gay among my friends, I consider him one of the most trusted. He’s serious when I need some good advice (he’s a good adviser — probably because he’s got too many boyfriends Hahaha!). Miss you sexy, bisitahin mo ako dito, dito ka na maghanap ng chubby bear! 🙂

Me and the Pussycat Doll 🙂

Note: Paradizoo Them Farm located at Km. 63 Panungyan, Mendez Cavite (

Travel: Corregidor

(2008 Corregidor trip) Naisip ko lang siya i-blog dahil sa aking friend na itawag natin sa pangalang “Buboy” na masipag mag palit ng profile pic sa Facebook. Ikaw na teh ang macho na kerengkeng. Namiss lang kita. huggggssss 🙂

This trip was so 2008, almost 3 years ago. But, I promised myself to update this blog with ALL of my major trips…so may utang pa akong 13 entries lang naman. Haha! 

So Buboy and I went on a day trip to Corregidor. It’s an hour ferry ride from Metro Manila. Pero kung tutuusin, 30 minutes lang siya from Metro Manila talaga kung hindi lang sa kabagalan ng ferry na sinakyan namin. Initially, I thought Corregidor is a province itself, but eventually I found out that it’s part of the Cavite province. The day tour then (which is operated by Sun Cruises) cost less than Php1500 (Last I checked their site, the tour now costs Php1999 — nag mahal na!)

Corregidor Day Tour with Buboy

So we met up at Baywalk Area along Manila Bay by 7:00 am. We left Manila at 8:00 am and arrived Corregidor around past 9 am. We joined the English speaking tour group (as there were also Japanese, Korean and Chinese speaking guides). Nakakatuwa lang kasi ang mga tour guide ay matatanda na and obviously they know by heart ang history ng Corregidor, ang enthusiastic lang nila mag kwento. It was summer when we went there so medyo mainit. We wore our most comfortable clothing since we’ll be walking the entire day.

We saw the different batteries (wiki says it’s an organized group of artillery pieces or heavy guns), as well as other attractions such as Pacific War Memorial, Malinta Tunnel (there’s an audio-visual presentation inside the tunnel, depicting the events of the World War II), Filipino Heroes Memorial, Japanese Garden of Peace and Corregidor Lighthouse.

Barracks and Battery Way

Pacific War Memorial

Malinta Tunnel

Filipino Heroes Memorial and the molestya shot

Japanese Garden of Peace

Corregidor Lighthouse

The day tour also includes free buffet lunch (it’s good! 🙂).

Free Lunch Buffet

We left Corregidor around 3 PM and arrived Manila by 4 PM. I enjoy the tour with Buboy because it’s our first friendly bonding time together (–that time, his bestfriend is in the US while the boyfriend is in Malaysia). Will it be as fun if we go there on a night tour?