Travel: Cebu (Last Stretch)

namiss ko mag blog. parang ang tagal…paraaannnngggg 10years ago pa yung huli. busy lang sa work at personal life. nakalimutan ko ng may blog pala ako. haha. anyhoo, i’m back. 🙂 

i almost forgot that there’s a cebu 3rd day adventure. i know this trip was so long ago and panahon pa ni lola ko, but i want to share the nice experience and good memories of this trip. i felt scared yet excited during this adventure because nobody knows i’m in cebu during that time. during our 1st day, we had the city tour then on the 2nd day, my friend and i enjoyed the beach at bantayan island.

for our 3rd and last day, we had a short city tour (again) since we have limited time and we need to catch up for our afternoon flight. we were thinking of going to the taoist temple but that’s too far from the city and the airport. instead, we went to visit alegre’s guitar factory, one of the pioneers in guitar-manufacturing not only in cebu but in the ph. cebu is also known for their handcrafted, durable and world-class quality guitars. so if you want to ask for something as pasalubong, pwede na magpabili ng gitara, maiba lang sa otap and dried mangoes. hehehe! 

this is their factory…

…and their shop with the beautiful guitars.

...di ito kasama sa paninda. 🙂

after visiting the guitar factory, we headed straight to lapu lapu’s monument for our last stop. amazing race ang nangyari dito, dahil 3 hrs na lang, flight na! hahaha.

lapu-lapu monument

mainit. tanghaling tapat mag pa picture ka with lapu lapu. negra lang ang kinalabasan. 

cynthia and me @ cebu city

cebu is a nice place, though of course para na din siyang metro manila (sans the nagtatagalogs). i wish na sana na explore namin ang provinces and outskirts ng cebu, yung may mga nature. maybe next time, who knows!?

Travel: Cebu (Bantayan Island)

(2008) Bantayan Island, a small island at the northernmost part of Cebu, is a hidden paradise filled with pristine waters and white sandy beaches. With Cynthia, my HS friend, we traveled together to explore this beautiful place.

Bantayan Island

It’s a 3-hr bus travel from Cebu City going to Hagnaya Port. It was an adventure because we rode an ordinary bus and beside us were the locals traveling with their live chickens. Probinsyang probinsya talaga! 🙂 Then from Hagnaya Port, it’s another 1-hr ferry travel going to Santa Fe, one of the municipalities of Bantayan Island.


Cebu City to Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe

We stayed at Santa Fe Beach Club. Not a good location because it’s very near to the port. Swimming is not more fun if you see the ferries and boats docked few meters away from where you are.

Santa Fe Beach Club

Near the Port 😦

So we decided to explore and look for another place. We rent a tricycle and told the driver to bring us to Ogtong Cave Beach Resort. Good find dahil masarap mag swimming, ang linaw at linis ng tubig. We spent most of the afternoon swimming and relaxing at the hammock, then we returned to our place.

Ogtong Cave Beach Resort

We also saw these friendly dogs at the beach. Most of the time, I see them loitering around the beach or sleeping. I’m really fond of dogs, so they became instant subjects of my photography. Parang may LQ na nagaganap, hahaha! 🙂

Lovers Quarrel?! 

It was a short 2-day stay only. That’s because I didn’t ask my parents permission to go there. Who would have thought I’m in Cebu where I’m supposed to be at … Subic. It even rain hard the night before we left and I was getting paranoid that I might not be able to go home on time. Lagot ako!!!

Travel: Cebu City Tour

(Circa 2008) Not many people know that I’ve been to Cebu once. I didn’t ask my parents permission for this trip because I knew that time that they won’t allow me. Since I hate interrogations and long discussions, I simply told them that I’m going for a “company outing” for a team-building event. (Babala: Kids, wag tularan masama magsinungaling. Gustong gusto ko lang talaga ng adventure ng mga time na yan.) 🙂

Ready for Cebu

I was with my HS friend, Cynthia, one of my closest friends back in high school. She’s now based in Paris with her French husband and sometimes, we still manage to exchange a few messages in Facebook. I already gained much weight since graduating from high school but then whenever I see her pictures in Facebook, it seems nothing changed for her. She’s still tall and skinny just like our HS days.

With Cynthia, my HS berks

I was on time at NAIA airport and she got stuck on traffic so she was left. Upon arrival at Cebu, I stayed at the airport for a couple of hours and waited for her. Luckily, she was able to book a flight. Otherwise, it’s just me for the entire 3 days. When she arrived, we went straight from the airport to downtown Cebu and started our DIY city tour.

Mactan International Airport

First stop, Magellan’s Cross. The place is very famous in Cebu yet I’m surprised to see that there weren’t too many people that time. We were able to get some nice pictures inside.

Magellan’s Cross

After that, we went to Fort San Pedro which is only a few meters away from Magellan’s Cross. The place is peaceful and relaxing that’s why we enjoyed strolling around together with some oldies and lovers.

Fort San Pedro

Next stop is Basilica of Sto. Nino. By the time we arrived, there’s an ongoing afternoon mass so the place is very crowded even at the outside. Consider as one of the oldest church in the Philippines, it houses the old relic of a black Sto. Nino.

Basilica of Sto. Nino

A few minutes more of walking and exploring Cebu City (which is reminiscent to Recto or Quiapo), brought us to the Heritage Monument of Cebu City. At first impression, it doesn’t seem to be a tourist attraction because it’s near the residential area and there’s also a street basketball game just across it. So nothing special in short.

Heritage Monument of Cebu

Sobrang pagod from the day tour. All places are of walking distance so we didn’t bother riding any public transpo. We didn’t book for any hotel reservation because we’re planning to go to Bantayan Island the next day, so we ended up looking on the spot. Luckily, we saw a pension house (which looks like a motel to me no offense), just a place to stay for overnight. In all fairness, the place is safe. It’s very cheap for only Php300-400/night and that’s for the 2 of us. Ang mura!!! 🙂

Our cheap find, HOPE Pension House

We woke up at around 5am to catch the early bus bound for Hagnaya Port. It’s a 3-hr road travel from the city. White sandy beach comes next. 😉