Travel: Kuala Lumpur and Happy Birthday Dad

this isn’t my 1st time in kl. i’ve been here twice, both instances with the bf. i still have an existing backlog entry of my kl trip, but thank god for this opportunity and i can now share a more recent kl experience.

kuala lumpur

it’s father’s birthday tomorrow and every year, i let them visit me so they can have their annual vacation. since i already brought them to most of the sg attractions, this year’s highlight will be the kl trip.

we stayed at hotel lok ann, an old hotel at petaling street or chinatown district. old and nothing fancy, it’s similar to those i’ve seen in old hongkong movies…just enough for a place to sleep. the hotel itself is dim and no elevators, making difficult for us to climb the steep staircase. we were assigned at a 3rd floor room and i requested if we can transfer to a lower floor, since my parents are both oldies and it’s hard for them to climb up and down the stairs. so they gave us another room at 2nd floor, but i have to make an extra payment of rm20.

hotel lok ann @ petaling street (chinatown)

i can see chinatown street from the room window.

view from the room

for our first day, i brought them to menara tower. i pre-purchased the ticket at the hotel lobby for rm25, cheaper compared to when buying the ticket at the tower itself. we arrived early afternoon and waited until it gets dark, to see the night view of the city.

kl at daylight

kl at night

@ menara tower

after that, we went to the petronas towers for the mandatory photo shoot. petronas towers = kl, so we waited for 30mins for the rain to stop. i was silently praying for the weather to improve (sayang naman andun na) and thanks god um-OK.

family at the petronas towers

we had our dinner at suria klcc foodcourt.

suria klcc

we’re all very tired from the long walk that the mere sight of the hotel is now slowly transforming into a luxurious 5-star hotel. haha.

for the second day, i brought them to batu caves. unlike the 1st time wherein we rode the bus to reach the place, this time we rode the mrt so we can experience their railway system. the nearest mrt station from our hotel is pasar seni and from there, we alighted at the next station which is kl sentral. from kl sentral, we transferred to another line which is the ktm komuter, where the batu caves is.

pasar seni station

ktm komuter line

the train is clean and looks brand new to me. i’m not sure if it’s there way back 2007.

we didn’t climb the 200+ steps as my parents were no longer fit to do it.

batu caves

we just stayed at the grounds and fed the birds. we bought 1 pack of bird feeds for rm3.

feeding the birds

it was a striking hot afternoon, so we bought 2 ice kacang for dessert. father always tells me about the ice kacang he saw in a local tv show, so he’d like to try it. verdict, nothing beats our local halu-halo.

ice kacang on a hot day

happy birthday father! he can’t endure long walks unlike before (signs of aging). but i’m very thankful for this rare opportunity of bringing us all together. i’m wishing for good health and more trips for the family. 🙂

vacation 2012

Travel: The Pemily at SG (Day 1 and 2)

“Bucket List # ___ : Treat the family to an out-of-the-country trip — ✔”

At last, one of my wishes just finally came true. I was able to bring and treat my family for a vacation abroad. Well it’s good that I am working here in Singapore, at least it gave them an excuse to visit me here. I’ve been planning for this ever since but it took me almost a year to bring them here since I want to make sure that I’m financially stable first before anything else.

Why April? Because it’s my Dad’s birth month and this is my perfect treat for him for his coming of age (Hello-welcome-to-20%-discount-world-of-senior-citizens) day. How exciting could that be!? First out-of-the-country trip together for the family :). I’m really grateful to God for giving me this chance of a lifetime.

My family stayed at my place for 5 days. Darwin and I picked them up at the airport on the first day. I was late because I went out on a drinking spree with friends that morning. I’m so excited and happy seeing them at the airport, I almost can’t believe it. Am I dreaming? No! They’re really here, safe and sound. 🙂

1st day

Upon arrival at Singapore Changi Budget Terminal, we took a cab and went home first to rest. Later in the afternoon, we went to Chinatown and Clark Quay. It’s a simple day for family bonding — walking around, food trip, sight seeing and catching up on each other’s stories. We went to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Chinatown Street and Clark Quay. I brought them to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh for dinner. Everyone loves the pork ribs soup, they want to go back! 🙂

Clockwise L-R: Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Clark Quay

Pork Ribs Soup at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

2nd Day

For the 2nd day, we went to Sentosa Island in the afternoon then walk along the city bay area during the evening. It was a scorching hot Sunday afternoon at Sentosa, so it was really tiring especially for my oldie parents. I have them try the skyride and my Mama dearest was so scared that she didn’t even bother opening her eyes during the entire ride. She was really funny. “Anak ayoko tumingin takot ako.” Hahaha!

Skyride with the Pemily

After the skyride, the youngsters (Darwin, Lester (brother) and I) went for the Luge. As always, 1 ride is not enough.

Youngsters at the Luge

After Sentosa, we took a bus going to the city area. I brought them to Makansutra Gluttons Bay area for dinner so they can try the delicious Singapore food there such as chili crabs, cereal prawn, seafood and a lot more. Everyone was so full that we can barely move.

Sumptuous dinner at Makansutra

Esplanade and city skyline

Before going home after the dinner, we sat along the benches to rest while enjoying the nice evening view of the city. It was a long tiring yet happy day for the family. 🙂