Random: Christmas Spirit

This year is my first time to spend Christmas away from home. Last year, I spent Christmas together with my family and went back immediately after to spend New Year here in Singapore. I would say that nothing beats the Christmas and New Year’s celebration in the PH. I regret not coming home this year because I found out that there isn’t much to do at work because of the code change freeze and I’ve slacked off for the past few weeks.

Anyway, OFW Christmas doesn’t have to be that lonely. I’m grateful and happy to complete the 9 days mass. Also, since a few of us at work did not go home for the holidays, we just spent it together and celebrate it on our own way. 🙂

Thank God for friends and gatherings…


…for the overwhelming foods (grabe talaga yung sisig, bagnet at adobo rice with taba ng talangka…(@_@)

 Pre-Christmas Dinner with Friends @ 7107 Flavours

Lunch treat @ Tung Lok Signatures

Foodies @ work

Noche Buena with Friends

…for the gifts, generous givers and friends who never fail to remember

Despite being away from my family and special someone, I still enjoyed my Christmas. Looking forward now to a happy New Year’s celebration in the PH with my family. Excited!!!

Random: Simbang Gabi

I nailed it!!! 🙂

I completed the 9 days (or nights) of Simbang Gabi. It’s also my first time to perfect the attendance which makes it more special. As much as I’d like to write and say more about this wonderful experience, I’ll prefer to make this blog entry short and sweet. To the one up there — Happy Birthday and thank you…Thank You & THANK YOU for this experience.

9 Happy Nights

And to my friends and readers of this blog all over the world (hahaha may ganown!?) I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Merry Christmas. 😉

Random: Christmas in the City

After work today, I went to Orchard to have a glimpse of the different Christmas decorations displayed along the streets and the stores. The designs are really nice especially for the tall Christmas trees. It’s the only time that I felt it’s already Christmas. I suddenly miss the cool morning Christmas breeze in the PH, they don’t have it here. Also, I remember the evening carolers at home with the usual Christmas song “♫Sa may bahay ang aming bati♫…”, I wish I’m home for Christmas. 😦 Good thing, I saw a choir at our lobby singing Christmas carols. I’m watching from the balcony, it’s a good view up there.

Christmas Carolers

Then off to Orchard. I alighted at Somerset and walk all the way to Orchard to explore around and take pictures.

Orchard at night

And here are some of the nice Christmas trees I saw…

Christmas Trees at Orchard

I suddenly miss our 2-ft midget Christmas tree at home! Fast forward New Year please so I can go home.

Random: Christmas @ PH (Day 3)

This is how I spent my 3rd day

I went shopping the entire day. First at St. Francis Square then after that, I rode the MRT and continue my escapade at Landmark Trinoma. I really miss St.Francis Square!!! I used to go there every payday during my HP days. Bazaar is my next favorite place after bookstore. I scouted the entire 3rd floor which is where most of the clothing and apparel can be seen. I was there for 4 hours and didn’t realize the time until I saw my wallet running out of cash. Hahaha I’m enjoying every single moment of my shopping adventure. If this is some kind of a dream, please dear Lord – don’t wake me up yet. 🙂

St. Francis Square

After the very tiring yet fun shopping spree, I cross over from Trinoma to SM North Edsa for my next to do activity – spa adventure. I had body scrub and body massage sessions which lasted for 2 hours. (Please dear Lord, can I have this kind of life everyday? ü ) Good thing, they have this 2-in-1 package. The scrub they used was the dead sea salt and it’s really a good exfoliant. I felt all the dirt from my skin was removed and already have this baby smooth skin. Hahaha After the body scrub, I had the Swedish massage. Actually, there’s Swedish, Shiatsu and Combination to choose from but I chose Swedish massage since it’s very relaxing – parang hinahagod lang ni mommy ü. I’m not fond of those athlete/internal hemorrhagic deep tissue type of massages such as Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Laxare Day Spa at SM North Edsa

Waiting Lounge

Before going home, I went to my favorite isawan place just in front of our parish church. I bought 3 isaws and 1 betamax and dipped them in the sawsawan ng bayan. Hello salmonella…hello typhoid…I don’t care!

My Favorite Isawan

Random: Christmas @ PH (Days 1 and 2)

Yessszzzz to week-long vacation! It’s a bit short so I’m making the most out of my 7 days of stay here. But I’m still thankful. I missed my family and my dogs so much and seeing them again makes me very happy. Actually, it should be 8 days instead of 7 but due to my stupidity and forgetfulness (I didn’t double check my ticket,FYI) so I ended up arriving at the airport at 1:30 PM instead of 1:30 AM and missed the flight. Hahaha! 🙂

So to share with you, here are some of the things I have in mind that I need to accomplish during my week of stay here.

  • Hair Color/Treatment
  • Facial
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Foot Spa w/ Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Shopping for new office clothes
  • Shopping for new casual clothes
  • Body Massage w/ Body Scrub
  • Eat, Eat and Eat

So for the 1st 2 days, I was able to accomplish 6/9. Not bad! I had my hair treatment and color at David’s Salon at Trinoma with my Mom. She’s the first person that came into my mind when I started planning this homecoming trip. And I’m happy that she enjoyed our kikay bonding session together. 🙂 I had Cellophane treatment and had my hair colored too. I chose a red shade because I’ve never tried it before – for a change. I’m closed to being called a ‘Brunette’, Hahaha!

Hair Treatment

I also had my facial done. I really miss my monthly facial sessions in the PH. Facial treatments in SG are a luxury, a session’s worth is equal to 3 sessions in Let’s Face It or Flawless. So the facial attendant is really enjoying her time digging into my face and meanwhile, I’m in tears due to the intense pain because 2-months worth of bacteria were being removed from my face. As a consolation, I enjoyed the post treatment cold mask they applied on my face. Aaaaaaaahhhhh…

Facial Treatment

I had eyebrow threading too after the facial session. Well, if you ask me what it feels like, it’s painful – I swear. I’m used to the old method of shaving when shaping the eyebrows. But the advantage of threading is that, hair tends to grow slower and it’s cleaner because fine hairs were removed as well.As the old adage goes, “It’s Painful to be Beautiful” (literally and financially) 🙂

For the 2nd day, I had manicure and pedicure with foot spa. It’s nice to pamper yourself once in a while as a reward for working so hard. I had the worst looking nails in the world. I’m guilty of this bad habit of peeling the skin or cuticle of my fingernails until they bleed. So I want my fingernails to be fixed, asap. As for the feet, the last time I had my pedicure was 2 months ago at Lucky Plaza and I can now see the nail polish almost half way done over my toenails – indication that I badly need a pedicure. I love foot spa too since it removes the dead skin cells and callous plus they also massage your feet and legs. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh again.


Foot Spa’d and newly Pedicured

I shopped for some new clothes because I want to be experimental in my look this coming new year. Less of the “t-shirts/jeans” type of girl. Yesssszzz to new changes. 🙂

P.S: I’m just excited and happy for this 1wk vacation, so please bear with me when I post well documented crazy pics of myself. hahaha Finished product coming soon!=)