Food: Margarita’s

I can’t exactly remember when was the last time me and my friends hang out together for drinks or dinner. It’s been a while and I kind of miss those days when we still enjoy going to work on a normal schedule. Yes, everything at work is changing – people leaving, shifting schedules, changing locations, etc. Gone are the days of normal working hours. sigh

We had a dinner last night so we can catch up on each others lives. We always talk about going to Dempsey Hill. It’s a nice place by the way, been there once with boyfriend. There are lots of nice restaurants in there. The place is a bit far from where I live but I don’t mind travelling that far. Good thing, the newly opened Circle Line is now working and there’s the Holland Village station, it’s easier now to go there.

One of my colleagues, suggested we try eating at Margarita’sa Mexican restaurant. Ok, now I remember. Our last get together was also at a Mexican resto, Piedra Negra at Bugis during my birthday.

Margarita’s is a nice place. Initially, they asked us if we had a reservation. Good thing, there weren’t many people by the time we arrived. I like the interior, they have lots of wall paintings. We were joking of getting one each for ourselves that we can bring at home.


We sat at the bar and ordered tacos and sangria (wine punch with chopped oranges), while awaiting for the patrons to finish. I noticed that most of the crew are Filipinos. I’m not really fond of tacos and anything Mexican, but this taco has to be one of the best I ever tried.

Appetizer and Drinks

Then they let us transfer to a bigger table. We ordered Portobello mushrooms, ribs and fries for main course. The mushroom is good but I like the ribs better. Sunday is cheat day so forget about the diet. 🙂

Foods Galore

In between food and drinks of course, mawawala ba ang chikaaaaa time.

Cheers for long life (oo, nakaka short ng buhay ang work shift) Haha!

I so miss the normal days.

*Margarita’s located at Blk 11 #01-19 Dempsey Road, SG

Food: Vintage India

Looking forward so much to weekends. It’s the only time me and the boyfriend see each other after a busy work week.

For a change, we decided to go to Dempsey Hill for dinner. We’re not used to this part of Singapore since it’s far from our place. Plus, it’s an upscale neighborhood and alam niyo naman na the boyfriend and I are both 100% masa so any thought of ka-socialan is a culture shock for us. Hahaha!

So we explored. After scanning the list of restaurants, we decided to eat at Vintage India, an Indian Restaurant. (According to the boyfriend, he doesn’t want it super shala with pricey food but very small serving. Dapat daw ay mura at makakarami kami…at dapat may kanin. Hahaha! Hawker!?) Since we normally eat Indian cuisine and we knew they offer rice and naan, dun na kami sa safe.

So pasok kami sa restaurant. Shit pansit ang posh! Hahaha! Tipong kinakainan ng first family ang aura. They asked us if we want it indoor or outdoor, we chose to stay outdoor. Mas relax at nakaka-intimidate talaga sa indoor – swear!

They gave me this nice sampaguita accessory for my hair. Feeling prinsesa lang – bonggels! (Prinsesa ng kadiliman with the sapi look kase gutom na). The boyfriend, naka semi-smile na lang – gutom!?

Prinsesa Takaw

Prinsipe Gutom (-_-)

First, they served us some appetizer – this crisp chip with green chutney (di ko lam yung tawag dun sa chips na yun). Then we ordered the usual common ‘safe’ foods that we know like Cheese Naan (they call it Cheese Kulcha), Jeera Aloo (patatas) and Buttered Chicken (they call it Murg Makhani).  Mahirap mag explore sa taong gutomWalang posh sa taong gutom! Subo kung subo ng malaki — attack!


Kikiam Like Chorva

Orange and Watermelon Juice

Jeera Aloo (Patatas)

Murg Makhani (Buttered Chicken)

Busog na busog ang bigat sa tiyan!  Pero ang bigat din sa bulsa (-_-‘), ayoko na bumalik.

Our last nice picture was 5 mos ago pa at Gardenasia (“,)

**Vintage India located at Blk 10 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill