My Practical Driving Test

palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

i just want to vent out that i’m so gutted for failing my practical driving exam today! i’m aiming to step up from my learner license going on a restricted driver license so that i can drive on my own without asking my husband to drive for me all the time. for my aussie friends, this is like your P plate. 🙂

unfortunately, today is not a good day for me. i failed my practical test for committing two critical errors on first stage of the test so i wasn’t able to go to the next stage anymore.

my errors…exceeding speed limit! 2 critical errors are an immediate failure.

this is emailed to me after i failed the exam

i was running on a 55 on a 50 speed limit and also run a 38 on a temporary road works speed limit of 30.

how frustrating! booking another resit will cost me another $135 which you know is not cheap. i felt like my hundred bucks went to the drain and also, i felt a bit demoralise. i hope this feeling won’t be long.

i guess i need to practice more. no excuses. i’m a bad driver for now.

i hate my life right now.


Random: Driving 101

“change is always a good thing”, one of my friend’s said to me. so, before i plunge into the big change, i made some preparations in order for me to adapt to the next stage. hello driving!

it’s very thoughtful of my dad to enroll me to a driving lesson. he knew at some point, that i need to learn to drive for me to survive and of course to make life easier for me in the future. he also helped me to renew my lost and expired driver’s license. (thanks dy you’re always the best!!!)

he enrolled me in a 5-hr driving lesson at socialite driving school at sto.domingo branch. their rate is much cheaper compared to other driving schools. i can choose to do it 1hr/day but i opted to have it straight so at least i won’t forget the lessons. i am scheduled for 1 to 6 pm yesterday. we had our lunch first at kfc then afterwards, go to their office at sto.domingo branch. as usual, we’re too early so we waited for the instructor for 30 minutes. we had a small chat with the staff and alas the instructor arrived by 1pm. ‘noisy’, ‘know-it-all-i-am-better-than-the-instructor’ and ‘panic-stricken’ chaperones are strictly prohibited. my brother is my chaperone and was instructed to keep quiet and relax at the back seat.

driving101happy bonafide student 🙂

initially, i thought the instructor will give me some overview and i’ll just seat at the passenger seat observing everything. no! theory and application on the spot!!! i was very nervous and my palms are sweating while manoeuvring the car outside the parking slot. student jitters. the instructor (aka as ‘kuya’) said that this is normal and even highly skilled professionals enrolling in their class are like 1st-graders the moment they take the driver’s seat. hehe.

it was a 5-hr straight driving and i enjoyed so much my 1st driving experience. life is less stressful with the use of automatic car compared to manual. father taught me basic manual driving 3 years ago and i forgot everything. at the end of the 5-hr session, i attended the free 2-hr sit down class at mayon branch and the lesson covered highway driving tips and safety. highly energetic and enthusiastic ang teacher so hindi naman ako na bore sa 2-hrs lesson.

overall, 5-stars to my dad, my brother, sir kuya and socialite driving school. 🙂

here’s my basta-driver-sweet-lover video. hahaha.