Travel: Hong Kong and Layover

it’s my first time in hong kong and i’m happy that at least i get to cross it out of my bucket list. thanks to the cheap tickets for tokyo, i get to have an 11-hr layover in hong kong and i can still stroll around the city.

my first adventure started from riding the plane bound for hong kong. it’s my first time to ride cathay pacific and i’m quite excited for this experience. they were the cheapest that time but the only downside (which turned out to be a blessing after all) is the long layover. the experience was ok, very similar to when i rode sq a few months back — wide space for leg room, entertainment audio/video experience and pillow/blankets for long-haul flights. i guess i’m still used to with budget airlines experience that i find these things very extraordinary. haha.

in flight meal

haagen dazs ice cream for dessert. once pa lang ata ako bumili ng haagen dazs ice cream dahil namamahalan ako. haha! dito lang pala ako makakakain.

when i arrived hong kong, i rode the mtr airport express and immediately went to ngong ping 360 for my 1st stop. i’m impressed by their airport mtr express train, i thought all trains in hong kong are like that…but i was wrong. haha! unfortunately, it was also raining hard that day so i didn’t see the big buddha nor the monastery. the loooooong booooring cable car ride wasted my 1 hr where i should have gone somewhere else. pffft.

mtr airport express

ngong ping 360

booooo rain!!!

after going to ngong ping at lantau island, i rode the mtr bound to central station to go to ‘the peak’.

hong kong mtr system

‘the peak’ offers a beautiful view of the hong kong sky line and business district. this was the most tiring part of the trip since i had to stand in the queue for a long time to buy a ticket, wait for another couple of minutes for the tram, standing inside the tram, still standing there at the top for so long just to save some space for myself for the beautiful view…and another long minutes of waiting for the tram for the return trip. i prefer the view at night-time.

long queue


the peak

i swear that i’ll go back to hong kong again some day since 11 hrs is really too short for me. haha! i never saw the madame tussaud exhibits, except for the few free ones. 😉

madam tussaud’s free access 

after that, i went to avenue of the stars as my last stop. roocie suggested this to me so i can see the symphony of lights show at 8pm. unfortunately, i got stuck at ‘the peak’ for so long so i just strolled around the bay enjoying the evening view and breeze. i’m quizzing myself if i know any hong kong stars and saw few familiar names. hehe!

avenue of the stars

i arrived a bit early at the airport and prepared for my next flight. it was a long very tiring day that i was very asleep during the entire hk-tok flight.

i will definitely go back to hong kong because i want a more comprehensive lakwatsa trip. hahaha!