Travel: Legoland and Heat stroke

one day after the hello kitty town adventure, i went to legoland for my 2nd day adventure. ok wala na masyadong introduction ito na kwento.

i arrived around 7am, did my check-in and got my ticket. then, i waited for 15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. at first, akala ko naiwan na ako dahil di ko makita ang ibang pasahero. hayun pala, sa kabilang side ang waiting area. at exactly 730am, the bus arrived. puno ang shuttle, everyone wants to go to legoland!


we arrived at legoland sometime around 9-ish morning. since legoland opens at 10am, picture muna sa labas. 


since it was very HOT that day na parang summer outing sa init, i did not try the outdoor rides at all. i only ride the technic twister which is a spinning cup byahilo ride
rides copy

…and the legoland express para nakaupo lang. hehe.

legoland express copy

since i’m avoiding the very hot weather outside, i just stayed inside the lego minds area. the room is air-conditioned and i just pretend that i’m enjoying bulding lego blocks. creativity level = 0, dahil nagpalamig lang talaga ako sa loob.

legomind copy
i became bored so i went outside again for a walk. i saw different lego sculptures in many shapes and sizes.

sculptures2 copy

scultpures1 copy
there’s also a miniature city for the replica of some of the famous landmarks in the world. mini singapore, mini bali, mini kuala lumpur, mini china and mini minis.

city1 copy

city2 copy

the place is new so many things still needs to be improve. i suggest adding more shaded areas outside and add benches as well. but it’s good if you want a quick getaway with your family. boys will enjoy this place more than the girls. i did not enjoy the place that much because it was very hot that day. other than that, it was ok.

if you want to make it even with your gf for bringing you along to hello kitty town, surprise them with legoland tickets and bring them here on a hot summer day. haha!  🙂

Travel: Hello Kitty Town and Beki Adventures

yehey! i’m officially free as a bird as of yesterday which means, i have plenty of time to flood my blog with posts and updates of my recent happenings. i have few days left before i move somewhere else so i’m making the most out of my days doing mini trips, personal errands and meeting friends back and forth.

last weekend, i went to hello kitty town at johor bahru, malaysia which is an hour away from singapore. actually, i bought the vouchers from groupon last month as a “christmas/send-off” gift to myself *hahaha*. as soon as i got the voucher, i immediately book a tour with 5 stars travel tour at golden mile complex. i check-in at around 9:30am and got my 1-day ticket from the agency.


hello kitty town is an indoor ‘air-con’ attraction and occupies 1 floor of the building so you don’t have to worry of dying from heat stroke just like what i experienced in legoland (that’s a separate story). each guest was given an activity card wherein you need to collect all the stamps for each activity.

Untitled-2 copy

there’s a small café and souvenir shop just before the entrance lobby.

Untitled-9 copy

Untitled-8 copy

there are 6 activities to try: cookie studio, nail parlor, hello kitty house, jewellery making, black wonder and costume dress up. tunog pa lang, i’m sure mag-eenjoy si loves dito! hahaha!!!

inside the hello kitty house, magpagawa din kaya ako ng ganitong bahay…puros arte, pink and rich in pastel colors. haha!

Untitled-10 copy

next, nail parlor. lagay lagay lang ng cutix and stickers…charan! instant dugyot kuko. tama na ang movie and food trip dates at isama nyo mga boyfriend/asawa nyo dito, tignan natin kung di uminit ang ulo nila. haha!

Untitled-13 copy

next, jewellery making. di ako na excite masyado dito…so-so lang.

Untitled-12 copy

next, cookie studio. natuwa ako dito kasi lumabas ako ng busog. free cookie after the activity!

Untitled-3 copy

next, black wonder. there are some interactive games and maze like pathway inside.

Untitled-7 copy

apart from the activity stations, there are also play areas for kids to enjoy and roam around. i rode this mini spinning cups ride and nahilo lang ako. ang sikip pati feeling pa-bagets kasi,

Untitled-5 copy

and there’s also a free show at the main area.

Untitled-4 copy

even the toilets, ang cute!

Untitled-14 copy

i completed all my stamps and i can’t wait to show it to my parents!!! *hahaha joke*


overall, i enjoyed my stay here. brings a sense of nostalgia when you remember all those ‘nung-bata-pa-ako‘ days. i remember di ata ako nag ka hello kitty nung bata ako kasi pang rich lang ang bumibili sa sanrio. haha. recommended for small children and with family. di ko lang sure kung ma type-an ng macho bf/hubby nyo dito pero ok lang dalhin nyo sila, isurprise nyo at bilhan nyo na lang ng ticket. hehehe.

Travel: Kuala Lumpur and Happy Birthday Dad

this isn’t my 1st time in kl. i’ve been here twice, both instances with the bf. i still have an existing backlog entry of my kl trip, but thank god for this opportunity and i can now share a more recent kl experience.

kuala lumpur

it’s father’s birthday tomorrow and every year, i let them visit me so they can have their annual vacation. since i already brought them to most of the sg attractions, this year’s highlight will be the kl trip.

we stayed at hotel lok ann, an old hotel at petaling street or chinatown district. old and nothing fancy, it’s similar to those i’ve seen in old hongkong movies…just enough for a place to sleep. the hotel itself is dim and no elevators, making difficult for us to climb the steep staircase. we were assigned at a 3rd floor room and i requested if we can transfer to a lower floor, since my parents are both oldies and it’s hard for them to climb up and down the stairs. so they gave us another room at 2nd floor, but i have to make an extra payment of rm20.

hotel lok ann @ petaling street (chinatown)

i can see chinatown street from the room window.

view from the room

for our first day, i brought them to menara tower. i pre-purchased the ticket at the hotel lobby for rm25, cheaper compared to when buying the ticket at the tower itself. we arrived early afternoon and waited until it gets dark, to see the night view of the city.

kl at daylight

kl at night

@ menara tower

after that, we went to the petronas towers for the mandatory photo shoot. petronas towers = kl, so we waited for 30mins for the rain to stop. i was silently praying for the weather to improve (sayang naman andun na) and thanks god um-OK.

family at the petronas towers

we had our dinner at suria klcc foodcourt.

suria klcc

we’re all very tired from the long walk that the mere sight of the hotel is now slowly transforming into a luxurious 5-star hotel. haha.

for the second day, i brought them to batu caves. unlike the 1st time wherein we rode the bus to reach the place, this time we rode the mrt so we can experience their railway system. the nearest mrt station from our hotel is pasar seni and from there, we alighted at the next station which is kl sentral. from kl sentral, we transferred to another line which is the ktm komuter, where the batu caves is.

pasar seni station

ktm komuter line

the train is clean and looks brand new to me. i’m not sure if it’s there way back 2007.

we didn’t climb the 200+ steps as my parents were no longer fit to do it.

batu caves

we just stayed at the grounds and fed the birds. we bought 1 pack of bird feeds for rm3.

feeding the birds

it was a striking hot afternoon, so we bought 2 ice kacang for dessert. father always tells me about the ice kacang he saw in a local tv show, so he’d like to try it. verdict, nothing beats our local halu-halo.

ice kacang on a hot day

happy birthday father! he can’t endure long walks unlike before (signs of aging). but i’m very thankful for this rare opportunity of bringing us all together. i’m wishing for good health and more trips for the family. 🙂

vacation 2012

Travel: Penang, Malaysia

Here comes another blast from the past travel edition of my lakwatsa series. Let me share our fun adventures at Penang, Malaysia. I have lots of good memories from this trip. Among all the places I visited, Penang is one of my favorites. This trip is kinda old already, happened 2 years ago few days shy of my birthday. Boyfriend and I were still in a long distance relationship then, so we take turns in visiting each other – he goes back to the PH to see me, while I take short vacation leaves to see him in SG. I’m lucky and thankful that boyfriend brought me there. I eventually found out that it’s listed in Yahoo’s ’10 islands to visit before you die’. 🙂

Penang is a small island at the northwestern part of Malaysia. It’s a 12-hour bus ride from Singapore. I remember being very giddy and excited that time because I’m impressed with the coach bus, having reclining plush seats with small video screens at the front.

Penang, Malaysia

Inside the Coach Bus to Malaysia

Our first stop is Kek Lok Si Temple. It’s a Buddhist temple and one of the main attractions in Penang. Before you reach the top, you have to pass by some shops at the entrance selling various souvenirs. At the entrance, there’s a small pond filled with many turtles.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Turtles in the Pond

After visiting the temple, we went to Penang Hill. Similar to Baguio or Tagaytay, it’s a good place to enjoy the cool air and relax. From the top, you can see the panoramic view of the entire Penang and George Town. Aside from the overlooking, there’s also a Hindu Temple, Snake Show and small restaurants to visit at the peak.

Train going up the Hill

Various attractions at Penang Hill

We usually ride the bus when going around the city.

Local Bus at Penang

Later at night, we decided to go to Batu Ferringhi beach. Because it was already late and nothing much to see, we just strolled outside the beach and had dinner instead.

Souvenir shops outside the beach

Penang is also known for their food. Boyfriend introduced me to Nasi Kandar, a local dish with LOTS of rice (as in pang pahinante sa pier leveling!!!) with curry sauce all ovveeeeerrrrrr it. Ang sarap lang, nag rereminisce na naman ako ng pagkain!!!

2Nasi Kandar for Dinner

I’d love to go back to Penang someday. Aside from the happy memories brought by this trip, I find the place very laid back but far from boring. Ang sarap chumillax at kumain. 🙂

Travel: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Day 3)

To continue the story of our Kota Kinabalu adventure, Lewa and I went island hopping again on the last day. We already had the island hopping adventure on the first day and since the port terminal is accessible from our place, we decided to go for a 2nd round adventure while waiting for our evening flight.

We visited Mamutik Island, the smallest among the 5 islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. It’s not as crowded as Manukan Island so we enjoyed our free time at the beach. The only downside is that 30 minutes after we reached the island, it started to rain heavily.

Mamutik Island

I started to panic and get nervous because my parents are not aware that I was in KK that time and my excuse for this trip was I went on a “Team Building Activity” at Subic for 3d/2n. Ang sosyal naman ng kompanya namin kung ganun! BWAHAHAHA Thank God I was able to reach the main land safely and still had time to pack our things.

Cloudy skies at Mamutik Island

We had our final stop at one of the market place in KK. The place is actually similar to Dampa wherein you’ll buy the seafood and have it cooked afterwards. So first things first, we chose Twinsky Restaurant and seated at one of their tables. Most of the servers are Pinoy so medyo di na kami nosebleed hehehe.

Twinsky Restaurant

Seafood galore

We had mussels (tahong) and sweet and sour fish for dinner. And in fairness to them, their service is good and they serve food on time. They even gave us peanuts, papaya and wet ones towel prior to serving our orders. I was quite impressed.

Buttered Tahong

But then so much for our ignorance. When we got the bill, we were both shocked to see the freebies were not really “free” at all. Booooo! Na scam kami! BWAHAHAHA. Ambilis pa naman namin kainin yung mani and papaya kase gutom na gutom na kami…may bayad pala! So the ‘Twinsky’ thing is now a running joke between us. We now call each other “Twinsky” whenever we see each other online.

Bill Que Horror

So the valuable lesson of the story: All good things in life are NOT necessarily free. 😉