Random: Summer

i can just imagine, how hot it is today in the ph. everyone’s fussing about the hellish summer heat and even my family is not spared. my parents send me daily updates about the temperature, as if i’m subscribed on a weather news bureau. haha.

father sent me this sms message today…

“very hot, pril! 36.7 ngyn!”

ok, that’s almost 37 degrees celsius, which is the limit for a normal person’s body temperature. i know how discomforting it is to reach a temperature beyond that, deliryo na yun!?

i’m not envious of the hot weather, though i miss ph during the summer days. it’s the only time of the year wherein you enjoy eating halu-halo, saba con yelo, sago gulaman, samalamig and etc.

summer solutions (top to bottom): sago gulaman, halu halo, saging con yelo and samalamig drinks

this is also the season of company outings and summer team buildings. despite the hot weather, ph summer is still the best for me and i wish i could visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches again.

while fb browsing of course, i can’t help but noticed how pissed most of my friends are for the crazy summer heat. everyone’s complaining about the weather, check out below.

gaano kainit ba talaga ang mainit?” 

different people. different ways of dealing with the heat. one complaint. haha. 🙂 i can’t help but sympathize with them. eh yung manlagkit ka paglabas mo pa lang ng cr after maligo at pawis ka na!? nakakainis naman yun talaga di ba?!

Travel: Boracay

(circa 2007) april na. ang bilis! parang kelan lang new year’s eve pa. hahaha. #maymasabilang bilang april na and this is the peak of summer in the ph, andyan ang kabi-kabilaang beach bumming activities. sa mga panahong ito namimiss ko ang beautiful beaches of the ph at mag wow philippines mode. nasaan ang mala-paraisong beach sa singapore!?!? hmpf, makapag changi beach na nga lang! haha.

i’m going to share the boracay trip story which happened 5 years ago. oo lumang luma. hinalukay sa baul na hard disk ang memories. feeling ko lang mag nostalgia at maningin ng old pictures at masaya naman. dahil travel deprived na ako for the past 8 months, binubuhay ko na lang ang travel dreams ko through my old pictures.


boracay is memorable to me because of the following reasons: 1) first time ko sumakay ng eroplano and 2) first time ko mag travel outside luzon and 3) first ever lakwatsa trip. actually um-epal lang ako sa trip na ito dahil di naman talaga ako kasali in the first place. haha. i remember shedding out 7k++ worth of tickets just to join this trip. that time, dahil feeling ko ang romantic ng boracay, pinangarap kong makapunta sa boracay na dapat kasama ang lovelife. ngunit…subalit..datapwat may ibang pangyayaring nagaganap. to cut the story short, dahil go for gold ako at ok lang na maubos ang kaban, i joined the trip and bought my own tickets. love can make you do stupid things right?

so i joined bf and his colleagues (some of whom are also my college friends) kaya ok na din. i met new friends and acquaintances and i’m happy that i’m still friends to some of these people.

one summer day at boracay

masarap nga talaga mag happy-happy sa boracay. there are many things to do like mag-inom, magpa-braids, mag pasunog ng balat, mamasyal sa mga shops, kumain, chumika, maningin ng mga naka bikini and many more. unfortunately that time, di pa masyado uso (or di lang kami aware) sa helmet diving, flyfish at banana boating at di kami nag ganun. nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable and memorable trip for me.


the boracay sunset was also one of the best sunsets i’ve ever seen. let the photos speak.


namimiss ko na ang beach, as in yung mala paraisong beach. (beeeaaacccchhhh zZzZzZzZz)

me and my long-lost siblings. char.

Travel: Bohol

(circa 2008) i went to bohol with jex, reg and her highschool friends. extra lang kami ni jex dito, friendly lang masyado. bohol is one of the best places i visited. beach, food, culture and people — lahat ok na ok sa bohol. 

at tagbilaran airport

we stayed at dumaluan beach resort at panglao. the place is very cozy and has a relaxing ambiance. pwede na mag early retirement. hehe.

breakfast by the beach

since it’s me and jex’s first time in bohol, we did city tour for our first day while our friends enjoy the beautiful beach of bohol.

first stop, blood compact site. the first ‘treaty of friendship’ between europe and asia happened here during the 15th century. pwede sumali sa treaty of friendship? 

blood compact shrine

next stop, butterfly farm. having seen many other butterfly farms in the country, this is nothing but ordinary. 

butterfly farm

hoy bawal yan!

next stop is baclayon church, considered one of the oldest in the country. the church was close during the time of our visit, so we weren’t able to go inside.

baclayon church

after baclayon church, we visited the tarsier farm. tarsiers are one of the smallest primates in the world. they’re very small that i was scared of touching them. baka kagatin ako or di na maalis sa kamay ko. haha.


next stop, hanging bridge at loboc. di ko natawid hanggang dulo dahil umi-ik-ik ang kawayan habang naglalakad. haha. no to buwis buhay bridge!

hanging bridge at loboc

then we passed by the mahogany man-made forest on our way to chocolate hills. it’s a 2km stretch of mahogany planted forest near the town of loboc. we alighted our vehicle to take some pictures. pwedeng humiga at mag siyesta sa kalsada dahil wala masyadong dumadaan na sasakyan. 

mahogany forest trail

and the highlight of the bohol trip, chocolate hills. struggle paakyat on the way to the top, daming turista at ang i-n-i-t. but everything is worth it once you’re already on top. find your best spot for that awesome chocolate hills shot.

the chocolate hills

after the exhausting trekking to chocolate hills, our tour guide brought us to loboc river for the late lunch/merienda tour. di ko na ma explain ang nangyari sa loboc river cruise dahil ang naaalala ko lang ay ang sobrang sarap at sulit na pagkain. kung kakain ako ng last supper of my life, dito ako kakain. haha. we were listening to kuya singer while enjoying the beautiful sights of loboc river. nature, relaxing serenade from kuya, sandamakmak na masarap na food…this is eternal bliss. then we also watched the local’s song & dance number. culture achieve!

local performance during the loboc river cruise tour

it was a very tiring first day. first day pa lang yan ha ang ganda na ng bohol. so what more on the next day?!

for our 2nd day, we joined our other friends for island hopping, beach bumming, swimming and snorkeling at balicasag island. bilang mainit nun, tanghaling tapat at quota na ako sa itim … di na ako lumangoy. i just stayed at the shore under the nipa hut with my other equally kj friends (haha) at kumakain.

balicasag island

bohol. one of the best places to visit in the philippines. if you want to stay out of the noisy and hype borahkey..ergh..bora, go and visit panglao. aside from the delicious food, beautiful scenery and kind people, i simply enjoyed bohol because i’m in the company of good friends. friendly ako masyado that time at sumasama sa ibang tour groups. 🙂

memories of bohol

Travel: Cebu (Last Stretch)

namiss ko mag blog. parang ang tagal…paraaannnngggg 10years ago pa yung huli. busy lang sa work at personal life. nakalimutan ko ng may blog pala ako. haha. anyhoo, i’m back. 🙂 

i almost forgot that there’s a cebu 3rd day adventure. i know this trip was so long ago and panahon pa ni lola ko, but i want to share the nice experience and good memories of this trip. i felt scared yet excited during this adventure because nobody knows i’m in cebu during that time. during our 1st day, we had the city tour then on the 2nd day, my friend and i enjoyed the beach at bantayan island.

for our 3rd and last day, we had a short city tour (again) since we have limited time and we need to catch up for our afternoon flight. we were thinking of going to the taoist temple but that’s too far from the city and the airport. instead, we went to visit alegre’s guitar factory, one of the pioneers in guitar-manufacturing not only in cebu but in the ph. cebu is also known for their handcrafted, durable and world-class quality guitars. so if you want to ask for something as pasalubong, pwede na magpabili ng gitara, maiba lang sa otap and dried mangoes. hehehe! 

this is their factory…

…and their shop with the beautiful guitars.

...di ito kasama sa paninda. 🙂

after visiting the guitar factory, we headed straight to lapu lapu’s monument for our last stop. amazing race ang nangyari dito, dahil 3 hrs na lang, flight na! hahaha.

lapu-lapu monument

mainit. tanghaling tapat mag pa picture ka with lapu lapu. negra lang ang kinalabasan. 

cynthia and me @ cebu city

cebu is a nice place, though of course para na din siyang metro manila (sans the nagtatagalogs). i wish na sana na explore namin ang provinces and outskirts ng cebu, yung may mga nature. maybe next time, who knows!?

Travel: Cebu (Bantayan Island)

(2008) Bantayan Island, a small island at the northernmost part of Cebu, is a hidden paradise filled with pristine waters and white sandy beaches. With Cynthia, my HS friend, we traveled together to explore this beautiful place.

Bantayan Island

It’s a 3-hr bus travel from Cebu City going to Hagnaya Port. It was an adventure because we rode an ordinary bus and beside us were the locals traveling with their live chickens. Probinsyang probinsya talaga! 🙂 Then from Hagnaya Port, it’s another 1-hr ferry travel going to Santa Fe, one of the municipalities of Bantayan Island.


Cebu City to Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe

We stayed at Santa Fe Beach Club. Not a good location because it’s very near to the port. Swimming is not more fun if you see the ferries and boats docked few meters away from where you are.

Santa Fe Beach Club

Near the Port 😦

So we decided to explore and look for another place. We rent a tricycle and told the driver to bring us to Ogtong Cave Beach Resort. Good find dahil masarap mag swimming, ang linaw at linis ng tubig. We spent most of the afternoon swimming and relaxing at the hammock, then we returned to our place.

Ogtong Cave Beach Resort

We also saw these friendly dogs at the beach. Most of the time, I see them loitering around the beach or sleeping. I’m really fond of dogs, so they became instant subjects of my photography. Parang may LQ na nagaganap, hahaha! 🙂

Lovers Quarrel?! 

It was a short 2-day stay only. That’s because I didn’t ask my parents permission to go there. Who would have thought I’m in Cebu where I’m supposed to be at … Subic. It even rain hard the night before we left and I was getting paranoid that I might not be able to go home on time. Lagot ako!!!