Travel: Baguio

This is a continuation of my balik tanaw travel series, since I’m too busy at work now plus I don’t get to travel that much anymore unlike when I was still in the PH. So here I am, reflecting the good old days of my happy-go-lucky life in Pinas. I miss those days wherein filing vacation leaves is just a breeze. I can’t do this anymore due to the nature of my work. 😦

I’m going to write something about my our trip to Baguio City. This is timely because it’s Darwin’s birthday and I sort of want to dedicate a piece of this blog for him.

Happy Birthday Boy 🙂

To start with, this getaway happened sometime December of 2008 when he went home to the PH for a short Christmas vacation. Last time I went there was when I was around 2 or 3 years old with my father, and I didn’t have any vivid memories of that trip. This trip with Darwin is an impromptu one, which makes it more enjoyable and exciting. A simple cajoling of “Tara Baguio tayoooooww” made us decide to pack our bags, go to Victory Liner Cubao bus terminal and travel that night. We didn’t have any prior accommodation arrangements, so by the time we reached Baguio around late evening, we have to look for a random hotel where we can stay for the night. It was December then and very cold especially in the morning. I was some ignoramus making fun of the breath vapor coming out of our mouths when we talk,“Shet may usok oh parang winter ang galing!” Ang saya lang! 🙂

Darwin as a travel buddy

What can I say about my traveling buddy, Darwin? I’d say he’s the best travel companion for me not because I’m being biased here because he is my boyfriend. We’ve been together since time immemorial so I know what it’s like being with him during our out-of-town/country trips together. He’s simple, no qualms and game for everything — best traits to have for a companion when going out on a trip. And the best of all is that we’re both cheap travelers. As long as the place is good enough for sleeping (and has clean bathrooms), we’re fine with that. We rather spend our money for other things (which means F-O-O-D) than get something fancy. Darwin, ikaw na!

Baguio City: The Summer Capital of the PH

So why Baguio? Well, there’s nothing really special about the place aside from having that cold December feeling plus the fact that North Luzon expressway is much better now. You can reach Baguio in 5-6 hours time depending on the traffic, road and weather conditions. Basta nagkayayaan lang ng “Tara punta tayo Baguioooowww”, yun na yun. You’ll never go wrong with Baguio. It’s urbanized with a twist – ganyan! And oh not to mention that Koreans are almost everywhere. Invasion talaga!

Since tourist attractions in Baguio City are geographically scattered, we scrapped the idea of a walking tour and decided to hire a taxi cab for the entire day and just pay Manong Driver/Tour Guide for it.  We had a map in hand and all we need to do is tell him the place we want to go and voila, andun na!

We went to almost all the major attractions — from Lion’s Head, Tam-awan Village, Philippine Military Academy, Mansion House (but we didn’t go inside)…

(Clockwise L-R): Lion’s Head, Tam-awan Village, PMA, Mansion House

…to Camp John Hay, Wright Park, Mines View Park (I love the native costumes! 🙂 ), Botanical Garden (with the cool business minded Igorot natives who charge effin Php10/head, san ka pa!? As in the moment we approached them for pictures, we got the shock of our lives dahil dumog talaga sila. hahaha We have to politely decline since paying for each is way too expensive and as I have said earlier, this is an impromptu trip so hindi rin handa ang aming budget!)…

At Camp John Hay and Wright Park

At Mines View Park and Baguio Botanical Garden

…to Burnham Park, Lourdes Grotto (na haggardo verzosa akyatin pero thanks kay Manong Driver at dinaan na lang namin sa cab ang pag akyat), Bell Church, Strawberry Fields and lastly, the coolest of ’em all – SM Baguio (dahil sa kaniyang open air structure at nakapag videoke pa kami ni Darwin while waiting for the bus –winner!)

Burnham Park, Strawberry Fields and Bell Church

The Undisputed Karaoke King 🙂

Happy Birthday to my best travel buddy, buddy guard (haha), boyfriend, friend, ka-“food trip”, ka-“heated argument”, kasintahan, kagwapuhan, kakulitan, etc etc. I’m looking forward to more years of traveling with you. Love you beerimats! ❤