Try and try until you succeed!

Woohoo! I finally passed my practical driving test for restricted license. I’m ecstatic to have accomplished this goal I set for myself this year. I’ve been holding the learner’s license for a while now so I need to up-skill myself.

Finally, luck and the right skills were on my side during the exam day and I finally got my temporary driver’s license. Woooohooo!

I booked my exam three weeks after I failed the first one. I’m really keen to give it a go and I felt there’s nothing to lose now – since I already failed my first attempt anyway. Exam retake is a bit costly but cheaper compared to the first one. My first exam cost me $130 and my resit only cost me $80.

My exam was scheduled 10:15 in the morning. It was raining hard the past night and an hour before I sit the driving test, it was raining hail! The weather looked miserable though I thought this will give me some excuse to slow down a bit as road conditions were not too good. Remember, I failed the first time because I exceeded the speed limit TWICE!

My testing officer was an old kind looking man. I felt comfortable because he doesn’t look intimidating which calm my nerves a bit. My hands were cold before I had the exam. It was a nerve wracking experience.

When it was my turn, the officer called my name. He checked my learners permit and confirm my details. After that, he did some vehicle inspections like checking the light indicators and brake lights if working. Then once confirmed all working fine, we started the driving test.

For the first 15 minutes, we just drove around the areas with speed limit of 50kmh, mostly residential areas or inside streets just for him to assess if I can safely drive around and know the basics. This is the first stage which I failed previously because I exceeded the speed limits. Haha! I was also asked to do a reverse parallel parking at this stage. I don’t do parallel parking normally so I’m nervous and praying that I won’t hit the kerb otherwise, it will be an immediate failure.

After the 15 minutes and he told me that I completed the first stage, I have a huge sigh of relief. The officer told me I looked tense and I said that I’m a bit relax now that I completed the first stage. He brought me then to areas of varying speed limits with busy intersections and roundabouts as these are more challenging and to fully assess my driving skills.

After the grueling 45 minutes of driving and making sure I don’t exceed the speed limit, extra cautious and following rules, head checks, signalling and any other driving rules to follow my officer told me that we can now go back to the testing center.

When we arrived at the testing center, he told me to park the car. He told me that I did really well and passed the test. Yehey!!! He removed the L plates in the dashboard which I found really symbolic and I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear making me extremely look stupid. Haha! My husband saw all of that while he was waiting for me and he was laughing. Haha!

I was issued a temporary driver license which is a small receipt looking paper and I have to wait for my photo card to be delivered at home. I CAN NOW FINALLY DRIVE ON MY OWN! I feel independent, empowered and more freedom to be able to do more things now that I can drive.


I think what worked well for my driving test retake are the following:

  1. I was extra cautious of my speed this time, having to check my dashboard every now and then making sure I don’t exceed the speed limit. Hehe. I never exceeded the speed this time and I’m really proud of it – lol! This is good because most accidents across New Zealand are caused by speed related incidents.
  1. I enrolled for two extra driving lessons with a professional after failing my test the first time. I asked my driving instructor to bring me to the testing route so I will have an idea of the streets I need to go and I can review the speed limits on those areas. Lo and behold, 90% of the route on my exam was taught to me by my driving instructor.
  1. I am no longer as nervous as the first time. Because no pressure to fail again – since I already failed the first time. Haha! I know what to do and what to expect.
  1. I kept my driving retake plans a big secret like it was a delicate pregnancy. I guess when I had the exam on the first time, a lot of people knew about it and I believe that jinx my luck. This time, I only told my husband and my boss because I had to ask permission for a half day off.
  1. More practice. I was driving to and from work as much as I can if weather is good. I am now comfortable with roundabouts and motorways with 100kmh speed limit. Haha!

I am thrilled to have passed my exam and to have accomplish this goal. More practice and confidence and I can do my full practical exam – but that’s another problem. 🙂




My Practical Driving Test

palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

i just want to vent out that i’m so gutted for failing my practical driving exam today! i’m aiming to step up from my learner license going on a restricted driver license so that i can drive on my own without asking my husband to drive for me all the time. for my aussie friends, this is like your P plate. 🙂

unfortunately, today is not a good day for me. i failed my practical test for committing two critical errors on first stage of the test so i wasn’t able to go to the next stage anymore.

my errors…exceeding speed limit! 2 critical errors are an immediate failure.

this is emailed to me after i failed the exam

i was running on a 55 on a 50 speed limit and also run a 38 on a temporary road works speed limit of 30.

how frustrating! booking another resit will cost me another $135 which you know is not cheap. i felt like my hundred bucks went to the drain and also, i felt a bit demoralise. i hope this feeling won’t be long.

i guess i need to practice more. no excuses. i’m a bad driver for now.

i hate my life right now.