Travel: Singapore Flyer and Tourist Mode

at last! magkaka blog entry na din ang december month ko. i totally forgot my blog because of the recent happenings in my life. hayst buhay! busy with work (what else is new? anyway, liberation day is just a few days away so beauty rest achieve before i venture to my next adventure…yihaaaaa!), visa application and medical.

and as of today, i only have 5 remaining work days before i totally leave the company. sad as it may seem, but it’s about time that i move on. nakikisabay sa holiday mode ang utak ko, wala na akong makitang bugs sa application!!! lol. 

ok, let’s not talk about work anymore. last weekend, i went to the singapore flyer to fulfill my singapore bucket list na makasakay sa flyer. what a perfect opportunity to become a tourist again, since my days are numbered here in sg. walking along the flyer brings back memories of my 1st time here in singapore. nakakatuwa and nakaka-emo pala. *sniff*


before boarding the flyer, you will pass through the discovery section by the entrance. this area shows how the flyer was built, its history, etc.


then after the discovery, i now board the capsule along with 5 other people. 1 capsule can accommodate as much as 20-30 people, so mas malaki pa sa sala namin sa pinas. one complete turn last for 30 minutes.

flyer“flyer adventures”

so what’s the feeling? wala, chill lang. since i went there alone, medyo boring pero ok na din masabing sumakay lang. i guess it’s better if i went there on a sunset. pero i’m miss atat so hayan.*haha* 

Travel: Singapore City Adventure

warning: photo vomit. walang sapilitan sa pagbasa dahil best in umay sa pictures ko ito. hahaha! 🙂

(circa 2008) prior to working and living in singapore, most people do not know that i was here once, as a tourist, back in 2008. never in my wildest dreams na sumagi sa isip ko na magwowork  ako dito after 2 years. singapore holds a special place in my heart as this is my 1st international travel. i was supposed to be with a friend but then she went to US for a work assignment, so that leaves me traveling alone. luckily, bf was working in malaysia that time so we ended up going to sg together. in a way, it was a blessing in disguise. 🙂 we agreed to meet here in sg as i’ll be coming from ph while he had to travel all the way from malaysia.


best in tourists award kaming 2! in span of 2 days, nalibot namin ata lahat ng basic city attractions here in sg. wala pang marina bay sands ng kapanahunan na yun. haha!

1st stop, singapore zoo. di sadya ang matching colors, nagkataon lang. 🙂

@ singapore zoo

then i remember this was our first meal. mukha lang masarap sa picture pero ang totoo para siyang pinakuluang medyas. wahahaha!


i was very amazed by their automated ticketing machine. laking north avenue mrt station lang naman ako, kaya imagine nyo na lang ang tuwa ko sa ganitong technology. no to long queues na pang 6/45 mega lottohahaha!

well documented kahit pagbili ng ticket

then we started the diy city tour. super pagod sa maghapong lakaran. merlion, esplanade, chinatown, little india, raffles hotel, suntec, fountain of wealth, orchard, bugis — check!!!

spread the love

@ orchard

kwan im thong hood cho temple @ bugis

masjid sultan mosque @ bugis

my first time to enter a mosque

@ sri mariamman temple 

@ chinatown

bibo @ vivo city

my favorite merlion shot 🙂

@ esplanade

@ suntec city

@ fountain of wealth

@ chijmes

with the most photographed guy in sg @ raffles hotel 

yes naman, uma alfresco…wala namang pagkain!

hi kumars ♥

near fullerton hotel

then even went to the not so touristy places na feeling ko nuon ay tourist spots. haha!

shophouses @ joo chiat

outside the office building of my current company. haha!!!

my kalsada shot 

@ mustafa

my first chicken rice experience was at maxwell hawker center. #angsarapngchickenrice

my 1st chicken rice

@ maxwell hawker center

then i had my first taste of indian food at a restaurant in front of mustafa. gulat lang ako sa overwhelming onions. 

my 1st taste of indian food

i have lots of good memories of sg. my experience as a tourist is very different unlike when i started working/living here for some time. natatawa na lang ako pag naiisip ko yung mga binisita naming lugar especially ang residential areas na akala ko ay tourist area pa. hahaha. ganun lang ka addict sa walking tours! 🙂

Travel: The Pemily at SG (Day 3 and 4)

Here’s the 2nd part of the family vacation story here in Singapore. 🙂

3rd day

For the 3rd day (which was also my father’s 60th birthday 🙂 ), we went to Universal Studios Singapore. It’s my 3rd time and each visit gives me a different experience. This time, I was able to ride the Battlestar Galatica, which was opened only recently. It’s my first time since it was still closed for inspection during my first two visits. My brother, his girlfriend and I, rode the Battlestar while our parents patiently waited for us at the sides.

Battlestar Galatica

Dad enjoyed the Waterworld show so much. He kept on saying how much he like it and how great the show was.

Waterworld Show

We had a pizza stopover at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour and ordered a large whole Hawaiian pizza. It was good!

Pizza break

We left by 7pm and went home. Everyone was so tired but it was really a fun bonding day for the family. I’m very happy because it’s their first time and I see that they really enjoyed.

Woody Woodpecker, Jurassic Park and Madagascar

Steven Spielberg Show and Monster Rock Show

Rockafellas Streetboys

Of course, the birthday celebration didn’t end there. We surprised father dearest by giving him a birthday cake. 🙂


4th day

For the 4th day, we spent the entire day at Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. We easily got tired because of the very hot and humid weather.

Singapore Zoo

I like the Night Safari though. Because aside from the shows, we rode the tram instead of walking so at least we’ve got some time to rest and relax. I’ve been here last 2007 so I already have an idea what to see. Nothing much changed since my last visit (except that I got to watched the elephant show this time).

Night Safari

Elephant Show

Creatures of the Night Show

My family went back to the PH last Wednesday. Darwin and I brought them to the airport and it was kind of sad after that. Back to my quiet and solo life again. I miss my makulit tatay, for always waking me up in the morning just so I can open my laptop and he can start Facebooking. I miss my masipag nanay for cleaning my room and ironing all my clothes (just like what she always do back home when I was still in the PH). I miss my one and only Brother dear and our kuntsabahan moments. Iba pa rin ang may Pemily. 🙂

Travel: The Pemily at SG (Day 1 and 2)

“Bucket List # ___ : Treat the family to an out-of-the-country trip — ✔”

At last, one of my wishes just finally came true. I was able to bring and treat my family for a vacation abroad. Well it’s good that I am working here in Singapore, at least it gave them an excuse to visit me here. I’ve been planning for this ever since but it took me almost a year to bring them here since I want to make sure that I’m financially stable first before anything else.

Why April? Because it’s my Dad’s birth month and this is my perfect treat for him for his coming of age (Hello-welcome-to-20%-discount-world-of-senior-citizens) day. How exciting could that be!? First out-of-the-country trip together for the family :). I’m really grateful to God for giving me this chance of a lifetime.

My family stayed at my place for 5 days. Darwin and I picked them up at the airport on the first day. I was late because I went out on a drinking spree with friends that morning. I’m so excited and happy seeing them at the airport, I almost can’t believe it. Am I dreaming? No! They’re really here, safe and sound. 🙂

1st day

Upon arrival at Singapore Changi Budget Terminal, we took a cab and went home first to rest. Later in the afternoon, we went to Chinatown and Clark Quay. It’s a simple day for family bonding — walking around, food trip, sight seeing and catching up on each other’s stories. We went to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Chinatown Street and Clark Quay. I brought them to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh for dinner. Everyone loves the pork ribs soup, they want to go back! 🙂

Clockwise L-R: Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Clark Quay

Pork Ribs Soup at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

2nd Day

For the 2nd day, we went to Sentosa Island in the afternoon then walk along the city bay area during the evening. It was a scorching hot Sunday afternoon at Sentosa, so it was really tiring especially for my oldie parents. I have them try the skyride and my Mama dearest was so scared that she didn’t even bother opening her eyes during the entire ride. She was really funny. “Anak ayoko tumingin takot ako.” Hahaha!

Skyride with the Pemily

After the skyride, the youngsters (Darwin, Lester (brother) and I) went for the Luge. As always, 1 ride is not enough.

Youngsters at the Luge

After Sentosa, we took a bus going to the city area. I brought them to Makansutra Gluttons Bay area for dinner so they can try the delicious Singapore food there such as chili crabs, cereal prawn, seafood and a lot more. Everyone was so full that we can barely move.

Sumptuous dinner at Makansutra

Esplanade and city skyline

Before going home after the dinner, we sat along the benches to rest while enjoying the nice evening view of the city. It was a long tiring yet happy day for the family. 🙂

Travel: Universal Studios Singapore

My college girlfriends Kath, Reg and Roocie paid me a visit here in Singapore last week. As part of the agreement, we will all go to Universal Studios Singapore together. I booked the tickets a week in advance and all of us were very excited since it’ll be our next adventure together after our Cagayan de Oro days, which was almost more than a year ago.

We originally planned to go on a weekday. However, I could not afford to take a leave that day so we moved the schedule on a Sunday. A weekend ticket costs us $SGD72 which is a little pricier compared to the $SGD66 ticket on a weekday. At the end of the day, I realized that the cost is all worth it since we had a great time during our whole day adventure.

Upon arriving, we all had our picture taken at the spinning Universal Studios globe found at the entrance. Almost everyone I knew who had been there have a picture at the entrance.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is divided into the ff. sections: Hollywood, New York, Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away Land and Madagascar – each having different shows and attractions.

A. Hollywood

The main attraction here is the Pantages Hollywood Theater, where we watched the Rock N Roll Broadway Musical Monster Rock. It was a good start and I was really amazed on how they put up those explosive light and sound effects in an indoor setting. The audience are mostly families with kids and of course, the likes of us who are young at heart.

Hollywood and Monster Rock Show

After we watched the show, we had a hard time deciding where to eat. Finally, we ended up at Mel’s Drive In place. It was similar to Johnny Rockets in the Philippines since they both offer the usual burger and fries meal. And the place also has the old jukebox at the center and there’s a big disc spinning as well.

Mel’s Drive In

B. New York

For our next stop, we watched the indoor show hosted by Steven Spielberg namely Lights, Camera, Action! You will see here how those special effects in the movie were created. At first impression, you will mistaken the room as a storage area for junk. But once the show starts, special effects will come into place and you will be amazed on how those stormy scenes in the movie were created. Everything seem to be real.

Lights, Camera, Action

C. Sci Fi City

The main attraction Battlestar Galactica is not yet open for the public so we just decided to take pictures around the vicinity. It would be more fun if those roller coasters are operating so we can find out who among us can stand the thrill of riding those heart dropping rides. The last suspense-thrilled roller coaster I rode was the Raging Bull at Six Flags Illinois way back 2007 and it was really a mind fuck/heart attack moment of my life. I wish I could still ride the roller coaster again in the foreseeable future.

Sci Fi City

D. Ancient Egypt

So how can I forget the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster ride? It may seem harmless on the outside, but once you go inside and find your way through the maze like path towards the roller coaster queue, you will start getting nervous. I wasn’t feeling anything during the entire time I was in the queue. But somehow, I’m wondering why there are so many people in the line. I was thinking that the ride is an exciting one – and it certainly is! The roller coaster is a high speed one with sharp curves and it was really dark inside which adds up to the excitement. You cannot see anything from the inside and you have no idea where you’re heading to. After the ride, I felt very dizzy. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the ride or I just didn’t like my lunch at all.

Revenge of the Mummy

Outside  the Revenge of the Mummy

E. Water World

We watched the Water World show which features exciting stunts, water splashes and exciting explosions. It was like watching a live action movie. This is one of the shows I really enjoyed watching because everything is well executed. We did not sit in the front row area, afraid that we will get wet once the show begins.

Water World

After that, we rode the Canopy Flyer. For obvious reasons, I still got the hang of Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and I’m starting to feel nervous again even if this is just a kiddie ride. Reg and I were joking that it’s only a “sight seeing” ride and we should just enjoy the experience. *hehe*

Canopy Flyer

F. Far Far Away Land

We watched the shows Donkey Live and Shrek 4D Adventure. It was very hot outside and thank God there are attractions in USS that has air condition in it. Both shows are the watch and enjoy type of attraction. Donkey Live is an interactive show wherein you can talk and sing with the Donkey. Whereas, the Shrek 4D adventure is similar to Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom wherein you can feel the action right there in your seat. After the 2 shows, we rode the Enchanted Airways mini roller coaster. I felt really dizzy by riding all those roller coasters. 🙂

Donkey Live

Enchanted Airways Mini Roller Coaster

G. Madagascar

For the final stop, we went to Madagascar section and rode the “low energy” King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round Carousel. This is a chill and relax ride and nothing compared to the ‘very exciting’ Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster. *haha* We just enjoy the experience of riding those cute animals and taking advantage of the rest and relaxation from all the walking we did the entire day.

The Girls at the Carousel

I really enjoyed the picture taking sessions with the different characters in USS. Also, I even got to have a picture taken together with the Streetboys group. Fangirling moment for the 4 of us again. 🙂

Me together with Puss, Woody Woodpecker, Frankenstein and Madagascar Characters

In Far Far Away Land and with Poe and the guy whom I do not know

Me together with Rockafellas Streetboys, Skipper and Betty Boop