Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

one of my biggest curiosities in life is, “how does it feel like being a dog for one day?”. see, i have 5 dogs back in the ph and they aren’t doing anything other than sleep, wait for food, eat, sleep, sit at the gate looking at the passersby and that’s pretty much it is. i mean aren’t they getting bored at all? unlike us human beings who despite having a lot of options to do with our every day life, still find some days b-o-r-i-n-g! sometimes, i feel that i’d rather be a dog in my next life so i don’t have to worry about anything and just do the ‘sleep-eat-sit’ cycle everyday.

but on the contrary, dogs are only confined within the four corners of a room (or a house) and they don’t go out as freely like us humans. we can go anywhere we like without someone stopping us. if dogs want to live a good life enjoying the perks of having a food and shelter, they have to be within someone’s care. otherwise, they will be roaming the streets like homeless beggars waiting for food crumbs falling from the sky.


this picture is taken during a dog show event in singapore. this dog is happily frolicking in the beach and playing with the other dogs too. the owner throws the bottle of water to the sea and the dog swims to fetch it. the dog never gets tired of doing it. i guess (s)he is too happy for that because this is the only day for escape 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

my entry  for this week’s photo challenge


this is a reflection of singapore, my home of 3 years. bright city light gives life to this small beautiful country. singapore is a very special place for me. this is where i had my first out-of-country travel experience (along with the ‘bf’ which makes it more special), my 1st overseas job experience which is in my life’s things to do, got engaged…heartbroken and happiness. 🙂

the 3 meaningful years of good and not-so good things that happened to me in this place, gave me so much lesson that i will never forget. everywhere i go, there will always be a story that comes with it. i will miss everything here — my family, friends, food and sights.

but then i realized…i reflected…that at some point, we have to move on. and now is just the right time.

Random: ASAP and My Dream Fulfilled

do you know that one of my life’s things to do is to watch asap live as a studio audience? i heard that it’s hard to get tickets to watch it live and you need insiders to get one for you. urban legends says that they prioritize people who can afford to give a big sum of money or those coming from overseas. as far as i know, if you are a tfc subscriber you can watch the show live by booking 2 months in advance at least using your tfc subscription account.

one day, one of my colleagues shared the good news that asap will be coming over here in sg for a 1 day show. she invited only girls (and gays) since bfs and husbands are not into showbiz things and would rather stay at home than be with their partners screaming like teenage girls at the sight of ‘papa P’ and sam milby. *haha*. 🙂

come fast forward october 14, my colleagues queued very early. it’s free-seating so the earliest to arrive can get the best seats. they arrived around 7am and i was still in bed that time so i arrived late at around 9-ish in the morning. the gates opened at exactly 10am and people run like crazy to get their seats.

we had to wait for 2 hours watching on some studio audience games before the show starts. the production staff gave us some reminders on the do’s and dont’s of the show. they instructed us to clap our hands continuously while the camera pans on us. also, girls are allowed to kiss and hug the male actors, but boys are not to allowed to touch the female stars. (sorry guys!)

here are some pictures from the show (click thumbnail to view the picture):

…and here’s a video extra too (sorry for the poor quality, i’m shaking with excitement filming this video — hahaha)!

the 2.5 hour show was all worth it. i always know that asap gives very good performance. i’ve never seen so many stars in my life, fangirling is happiness! 🙂 john pratts and bea alonzo looks good in person, rayver cruz is a so-so, john lloyd is wacky and ang kinis ni angeline quinto at jovit baldovino! hehehe.

bucket list#__: watch asap live — ✓

Travel: Singapore City Adventure

warning: photo vomit. walang sapilitan sa pagbasa dahil best in umay sa pictures ko ito. hahaha! 🙂

(circa 2008) prior to working and living in singapore, most people do not know that i was here once, as a tourist, back in 2008. never in my wildest dreams na sumagi sa isip ko na magwowork  ako dito after 2 years. singapore holds a special place in my heart as this is my 1st international travel. i was supposed to be with a friend but then she went to US for a work assignment, so that leaves me traveling alone. luckily, bf was working in malaysia that time so we ended up going to sg together. in a way, it was a blessing in disguise. 🙂 we agreed to meet here in sg as i’ll be coming from ph while he had to travel all the way from malaysia.


best in tourists award kaming 2! in span of 2 days, nalibot namin ata lahat ng basic city attractions here in sg. wala pang marina bay sands ng kapanahunan na yun. haha!

1st stop, singapore zoo. di sadya ang matching colors, nagkataon lang. 🙂

@ singapore zoo

then i remember this was our first meal. mukha lang masarap sa picture pero ang totoo para siyang pinakuluang medyas. wahahaha!


i was very amazed by their automated ticketing machine. laking north avenue mrt station lang naman ako, kaya imagine nyo na lang ang tuwa ko sa ganitong technology. no to long queues na pang 6/45 mega lottohahaha!

well documented kahit pagbili ng ticket

then we started the diy city tour. super pagod sa maghapong lakaran. merlion, esplanade, chinatown, little india, raffles hotel, suntec, fountain of wealth, orchard, bugis — check!!!

spread the love

@ orchard

kwan im thong hood cho temple @ bugis

masjid sultan mosque @ bugis

my first time to enter a mosque

@ sri mariamman temple 

@ chinatown

bibo @ vivo city

my favorite merlion shot 🙂

@ esplanade

@ suntec city

@ fountain of wealth

@ chijmes

with the most photographed guy in sg @ raffles hotel 

yes naman, uma alfresco…wala namang pagkain!

hi kumars ♥

near fullerton hotel

then even went to the not so touristy places na feeling ko nuon ay tourist spots. haha!

shophouses @ joo chiat

outside the office building of my current company. haha!!!

my kalsada shot 

@ mustafa

my first chicken rice experience was at maxwell hawker center. #angsarapngchickenrice

my 1st chicken rice

@ maxwell hawker center

then i had my first taste of indian food at a restaurant in front of mustafa. gulat lang ako sa overwhelming onions. 

my 1st taste of indian food

i have lots of good memories of sg. my experience as a tourist is very different unlike when i started working/living here for some time. natatawa na lang ako pag naiisip ko yung mga binisita naming lugar especially ang residential areas na akala ko ay tourist area pa. hahaha. ganun lang ka addict sa walking tours! 🙂

Random: Wicked Weekend

the long wait is over! at last ito na, nakapanuod na kami. i know masyado na kaming delay at nauna pa ang mga nasa pinas. wahaha! but the long wait is all worth it. ang ganda!!! 🙂

weekend wicked

the railing is a nuisance 😦

we bought the tickets since last december. but one of my colleagues want to get a nice seat, so she got a late february schedule since that’s the only open date available. sayang nga naman ang ganda ng show kung tuldok na lang ang makita. of course, it’s a no-camera policy so i have to use my phone cam and was able to take a picture of the stage from our seat. then no more pictures after, i respect the beauty and talents of the show. here’s a sample preview of what you can see from the show. regardless if you buy the most expensive or cheapest ticket, worth it ang bayad. 

wicked day with friends

then we all decided to wear dress for the event. kamusta naman sa pag de dress, pumustura sa tanghaling tapat na show?! pero wapakels, kami na ang umeffort. ok na mag maganda sa weekends tutal mukha naman kaming haggard sa office pag weekdays. wahaha!

it’s a very good musical show. good production show, set, lights, effects, sounds, etc. in short, type ko lahat, hahaha. it’s far from boring unlike the last musical play i watched na nilayasan ko sa kalagitnaan sa kaboringan. the show has comic, dramatic and love story elements all in one. mas madaming kantahan kesa dialogues kaya mas ok. nakakakilabot ang ‘defying gravity’ song number, ang powerful. i appreciate the glee version, but upon watching the musical version live, i like it even more. feel na feel ko na tuloy magkakanta ng ‘defying gravity’ sa banyo. wahaha!

worth it naman pala mag dress, because after the show…we got a chance to have a picture with one of the cast, fiyero. pwede bumili ng cd para mag pa autograph, pero since pinoys alam niyo naman, hehe…sige makisiksik then pa picture!!! ♥