Travel: Queenstown Skydiving

yahoo!!! one major personal project ticked off from my bucket list. (^________^)

i was able to push through with my skydiving plan, finally! i’ve been thinking about this for some time now but no chance of doing it. i was supposed to do it during the sydney trip last year but was cancelled on the day due to the bad weather.

i traveled all the way down to queenstown for a long weekend and never did realize that i went to the adventure city. this was very unexpected. i woke up early yesterday to catch a glimpse of sunrise which is a very good time for photography. then as i was walking around the block, i passed by the nzone skydiving office. you know, that feeling when the office is luring you to go inside and pulling you like a magnet. hehe!

to make the story short, right then and there i booked my slot for the day. haha! i was lucky because there are few slots left for the first jump at 8am.

after reservation, i filled up the registration form and sign the waiver. haha! do it at your own risk. the staff gave us some orientation and let us watch a video so we know what to expect for the activity. after that, the driver picked us up and brought to the drop zone, which is 20 minutes away from the main office.

ok din talaga yung hindi pinaplano at least natutuloy. to be honest, i feel nervous and scared a bit which is NORMAL i guess. haha! i was in the 2nd batch of jumpers and i was introduced to my tandem partner and photographer/videographer. pogi ang mga staff wahahaha! ehem husband loyalty check. the weather was very good yesterday — no winds and the sky is clear. we were given jumpsuits, helmet, gloves and goggles to wear. after that, we boarded the  small cessna aircrat which can hold as much as 21 people.

i was more nervous waiting at the drop zone than boarding the plane itself. as soon as we started to ascend, i feel more relax and excited. no backing out! almost halfway, my tandem master showed me the altitude device signaling me we’re almost halfway so he started strapping me to himself and he put on my helmet, gloves and goggles. my tandem master and photographer were trying to make me feel relax by constantly talking to me and giving me high fives. syet mga kuya sige lang chikahin nyo ko nalulurkey na ako sa kaba pero di na ako maka atras. nyahaha!


i was the 3rd to jump and it all happened so fast. the free fall experience was different compared to my bungy jumping experience. bungy jumping was actually more scary because you can feel that ‘falling’ moment unlike in skydiving wherein you just feel like floating in a big vacuum of air and the wind blowing on your face is like that in a very fast-moving car with windows open.


at 6k feet, the tandem master opened the parachute and i felt the tug as we started to move up a bit. i enjoyed the 5-10 minutes of view from up there overlooking the beautiful queenstown. as we slowly descent, he instructed me to do a sitting position to prepare for landing. after i landed, we all had high fives and i had a last picture with my tandem master, signs of life photo from the jump. 🙂


in span of 3 hrs, i successfully survived my skydiving experience. no broken bones, no damage limbs, all perfect and still good for a next jump. hahaha! this is one of my most memorable and favorite life experience which i will never ever forget. jumping 12k feet was never a joke. happy is an understatement. 🙂

will i do it again? i know myself that i can do it again. but i guess one experience is already enough. i still have many other things in my bucket list which i need to do so i’ll concentrate on those. and besides, i have to think about my carefree lifestyle now that i’m tied up to someone. nyahaha! 🙂

[usapan as how i recall it]

me: uy beh mag skydive ako ah. kelangan ko sya gawin habang wala pa tayong anak. may mangyari man sa akin wala akong iiwanang anak.

beh: eh anong tingin mo sa akin, san ako pupulutin? pauuwiin ako sa pinas?

hahaha. ok, no more selfishness moments from now on.