Travel: The Pemily at SG (Day 3 and 4)

Here’s the 2nd part of the family vacation story here in Singapore. 🙂

3rd day

For the 3rd day (which was also my father’s 60th birthday 🙂 ), we went to Universal Studios Singapore. It’s my 3rd time and each visit gives me a different experience. This time, I was able to ride the Battlestar Galatica, which was opened only recently. It’s my first time since it was still closed for inspection during my first two visits. My brother, his girlfriend and I, rode the Battlestar while our parents patiently waited for us at the sides.

Battlestar Galatica

Dad enjoyed the Waterworld show so much. He kept on saying how much he like it and how great the show was.

Waterworld Show

We had a pizza stopover at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour and ordered a large whole Hawaiian pizza. It was good!

Pizza break

We left by 7pm and went home. Everyone was so tired but it was really a fun bonding day for the family. I’m very happy because it’s their first time and I see that they really enjoyed.

Woody Woodpecker, Jurassic Park and Madagascar

Steven Spielberg Show and Monster Rock Show

Rockafellas Streetboys

Of course, the birthday celebration didn’t end there. We surprised father dearest by giving him a birthday cake. 🙂


4th day

For the 4th day, we spent the entire day at Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. We easily got tired because of the very hot and humid weather.

Singapore Zoo

I like the Night Safari though. Because aside from the shows, we rode the tram instead of walking so at least we’ve got some time to rest and relax. I’ve been here last 2007 so I already have an idea what to see. Nothing much changed since my last visit (except that I got to watched the elephant show this time).

Night Safari

Elephant Show

Creatures of the Night Show

My family went back to the PH last Wednesday. Darwin and I brought them to the airport and it was kind of sad after that. Back to my quiet and solo life again. I miss my makulit tatay, for always waking me up in the morning just so I can open my laptop and he can start Facebooking. I miss my masipag nanay for cleaning my room and ironing all my clothes (just like what she always do back home when I was still in the PH). I miss my one and only Brother dear and our kuntsabahan moments. Iba pa rin ang may Pemily. 🙂