Random: Valentines Day 2011

Valentines Day?! Overrated? Nah! We still celebrate this mushy day despite knowing that many people think it’s just a hype and so yesterday. Most probably if I’m ‘Single’, I would call it ‘Single Awareness Day’ and could be spending the day with either my family or friends.

Anyway, I’m just thrilled to write a blog entry about this whole Valentines thing. For one, it’s not just an ordinary date. I think the whole universe conspired with us to make this Valentines event more special. Most people already knew the story behind this ‘Gardenasia’ brouhaha but I’m going to share some of the tidbits again.

It just started from this online Facebook contest. I submitted a picture of us together and asked our families and friends to vote by ‘Liking’ the picture. It’s an online popularity contest. Well, I’m not a popular kid back in HS and College…and so was my boyfriend. So we now know how it feels like. (hahaha…late bloomers?! :p) And the rest is history. With 713 officially counted votes, we won the contest. Woohoo! I knew that the 2nd couple behind us (the guy to be exact) was sour graping because we won and they weren’t able to catch up. (Sorry dude, it’s just PR skills…seriously.)

So what happened on the Feb 14th?

Like any normal day, both of us still reported to work. But I was wearing dress that day + 3-inch shoes (minsang lang to sa isang taon!). I’m all dolled up knowing that later in the evening, I’ll be devouring the 5-course meal like pa-constru worker na maghahalo ng semento, graba, atbp. haha!

Darwin picked me up at work around past 6pm, in a Limo Cab. Yeaaaaah! We don’t have a nice car here but he made sure to make it extra special by getting a nice transpo. 1000000 pogi points for that! Dyahe naman mag MRT eh kamusta naman ang location, isang kembot lang Malaysia na. Ang layo! hahaha! And speaking of nice cab, nice din ang metro namin. The cab meter cost us SGD50, onte na lang nakapag Valentines na kami sa Nando’s! hahaha! Both of us were very hungry because we didn’t ate any heavy meal before that (anticipating for the 5-course dinner meal kase).


Gardenasia is located in Kranji, which is at the Northernmost part of Singapore. It’s an hour MRT/car ride from the city. So yun pala ang concept nun, kung sawa ka sa city…go ka sa po-probinsyahing Kranji and eat at Gardenasia. Sa sobrang layo nya, bus usually arrives every 15-30 minutes interval. Also, para ka ng umuwi sa probinsya dahil ang makikita lang ay ang pa zigzag na daanan with matching kagubatan on the sides.

To be fair, the place is beautiful, laidback, quiet and cozy – perfect for an intimate Valentines date. They ushered us in the open area, together with the other winning group and some oldies. A jazz band is playing some good music, which adds up to the romantic mood for the evening. Perfect! 🙂

Romantic Dinner for 2


Before we had the meal, they immediately gave us our prize – the customized wine. When they informed us via email that we won the contest, they asked us to send them a picture of us to be used for the wine label. I gave Darwin the liberty to select the photo for us. He chose another beach shot from Bintan. It was really nice, one of the best pictures we have. 🙂

Customized Red Wine


Oh God…5-course meal! The last time we ate a 5-course meal was way 2 years ago on a classmate’s SUPER SOCIAL wedding at Shangrila Hotel and never na naulit. They served the appetizer first which is a pinagandang tahong and to be fair, masarap siya.

Pina-‘shala’ng tahong (4/5)

Next after that, is the garden salad with tuna. I like the tuna but not the choice of leafy salad. Medyo matulis ang dahon-dahon na parang tutusok sa lalamunan. Pero ok na din. As I have said before, this is free and wag na mag reklamo.

Tuna Garden Salad (3/5)

3rd meal is a ke-kwey teow-in pasta like dish which reminds me of the Pasta Negra in Old Spaghetti House, because of it’s purely black color. It’s a cross between Aglio Olio and Kwey Teow nga. hahaha!

Kwey Teow like Pasta with a twist (3.5/5)

In between facts: Dahil sa PG kami ni Darwin at sa bilis namin kumain, na se stress na ata ang cooks ng Gardenasia to serve the next course. hahaha!  Nagkukunwarian pa kami nag kekwentuhan ng sweet nothings pero ang totoo ay naiinip na kami sa paghihintay…(see next picture)

Where’s our food?!

4th meal and main course, Prime Veal Tenderloin with Foie Gras & Port Wine Reduction for Darwin and Silver Cod Fillet with Peruvian Asparagus in Lobster Broth for myself (kelangan well documented daw talaga ganyan!? hahaha!). Darwin made the best choice, ang sarap lang. Masarap din ang akin pero mas winner ang tenderloin. Wala siyang tinira kahit sauce at ang design design inubos din!? hehe!

Prime Veal Tenderloin with Foie Gras & Port Wine Reduction (6/5)

Silver Cod Fillet with Peruvian Asparagus in Lobster Broth (5/5)

Lastly for dessert, we had chocolate pudding with Strawberries (that’s the closest name I can give). Nakakatawa lang habang nag-uusap…

Ako: Paano ba to kakainin? Kukutsarahin or hihigupin lang?

Darwin: Di ko sure eh. Tignan naten sa kabilang table.

(*Ako at Darwin lumingon sa Naturally Beautiful Friends Group*)

Ako: Ah, kinukutsara nya (ngumuso sa babae). Kutsarahin din natin.

(*Ignorance at it’s finest!!!*)



Arooo champagne…sowcialness! Since we’re both certified masa and di sanay sa mayamaning drinks…keri lang ang champagne. Mas enjoy ko pa din ang beer and tubig sa totoo lang. Nevertheless, it’s still a one of a kind experience for both of us. Cheers to a peaceful and lasting relationship! 😉

Sparkling Wine


Thanks to all our dearly friends and families for making this Valentines Day extra special for us. We really had a great moment that night. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs). ♥

Tasting the sweetness of Victory =)

**Credits to Darwin for the Pics.

P.S: Got to add these nice post event questionnaires. Halata naman na super talented ni Darwin mag drowing vs sa aking ki-kindergartening work of art. HAHAHA!