Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

i took this photo a year ago while on vacation at our home in manila. we have a small garden at home and was surprised to see that a nest was built on one of the shrubs. i was more surprised to see that the secret eggs were finally hatched and there were new tiny birds inside. it feels surreal to see it up-close and within reach. i leave them in peace, i was scared that the momma bird will attack me and peck on my face. haha! 🙂


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

this is godley head walking track, my new-found happy place for walking and hiking. the place provides a scenic view of taylor’s mistake beach, lyttelton harbor and the vastness of the pacific ocean. i’m so loving christchurch that i can’t imagine myself relocating to a more urbanized place anymore. we may not have the big shopping malls and restaurants here, but we’ve got lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy. going to the beach, hills and winery is easy peasy because it’s within the city!

Happy Place

Happy Place

Happy Place

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

this photo was taken during one of the walking trips with my husband here in christchurch. walking tracks are one of the many things i like about new zealand. this country is filled with lots of beautiful scenery. one can spend endless hours walking around, enjoying the sights of hills, sheep and greenery.

one saturday, we went to orthon bradley park and tried one of the tracks which is good for 2-3 hours. the track will lead us to a waterfall, so it’s quite an adventure. 🙂

we chance upon this wooden purple door, seems to be lost amidst the tall trees and weeds. sort of gave me the creeps because i only see this thing in suspense or horror movies. haha! it was like a portal that once you step inside, it will bring you somewhere…maybe like that in narnia. whatever! hehe. 🙂

the door
the door

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

hellooo! after 1 month of hibernation, i’m finally back. 🙂 apart from my day job which keeps me busy most of the time, i am now busy attending to my husband doing wife duties. my life indeed changed after my husband arrived. gone are the boring days of eating alone and spending long hours in the computer. in short, i have a REAL life now! haha!

i don’t have any exciting stories to tell at the moment. so for now, i’ll just share my throwback thursday worthy photos for this week’s photo challenge. the photos were from a holiday trip with my singapore colleagues at bangkok 2 years ago, our first and last trip together before we disbanded. haha! so much has changed for me and my friends since this trip — two of us are now happily married, one is almost there and two of us relocated here in new zealand. looking at the photos brings a smile to my face and made me realize how much i miss singapore, southeast asia, my friends and my once carefree life. 🙂

here’s our own version of hangover bangkok edition along soi cowboy. yep, we included this in our itinerary! haha! despite walking along the busy red light district, we are all a bunch of wholesome individuals enjoying beer, pad thai and laughter (no ping pong shows for us). 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

one of my biggest curiosities in life is, “how does it feel like being a dog for one day?”. see, i have 5 dogs back in the ph and they aren’t doing anything other than sleep, wait for food, eat, sleep, sit at the gate looking at the passersby and that’s pretty much it is. i mean aren’t they getting bored at all? unlike us human beings who despite having a lot of options to do with our every day life, still find some days b-o-r-i-n-g! sometimes, i feel that i’d rather be a dog in my next life so i don’t have to worry about anything and just do the ‘sleep-eat-sit’ cycle everyday.

but on the contrary, dogs are only confined within the four corners of a room (or a house) and they don’t go out as freely like us humans. we can go anywhere we like without someone stopping us. if dogs want to live a good life enjoying the perks of having a food and shelter, they have to be within someone’s care. otherwise, they will be roaming the streets like homeless beggars waiting for food crumbs falling from the sky.


this picture is taken during a dog show event in singapore. this dog is happily frolicking in the beach and playing with the other dogs too. the owner throws the bottle of water to the sea and the dog swims to fetch it. the dog never gets tired of doing it. i guess (s)he is too happy for that because this is the only day for escape 😉