Travel: Macau, China (City Tour)

My Macau adventure was my most unplanned trip so far. It was never a priority. In fact, going to any Chinese-speaking country is not on my top to-do list in terms of traveling since I’m already accustomed here in Singapore, where there are lots of Chinese people everywhere.

I only came to Macau for one reason, that is to jump. I spent many hours in the internet looking for cheap fares, and when the perfect opportunity came (thanks to lowest fare sales), I was able to buy a very cheap round trip ticket for peanuts price! And since I’m a ‘frugal’ traveler, I only brought S$100 as pocket-money since I have no plans to shop nor play at the casinos. Just simple walking around and taking pictures will suffice. 🙂

Anyway, since I already shared the bungy story, I might as well share now the little details of my walkabout trip. It happened after they told me that the bungy will be close until further notice due to the weather condition. Since I’m already there and not to waste the 3.5 hrs of travel, I’ve decided to visit some of the attractions while waiting for my afternoon flight (Yes. It’s all a one day activity solely intended originally just for the jump).

I took a cab and went straight to The Venetian. It’s a Hotel/Casino built almost the same as the one seen in Las Vegas. I didn’t spend a single centavo here since the entrance is for free and as I’ve mentioned, no to casinos. 😉 I just walked around and see the shops, gondolas and mini shows inside. There’s a magic show in the plaza area for free (ang pogi ng magician! hahaha). Some of the gondola singers are Pinoys too. Well yes, Pinoys are just everywhere.

Plaza, Gondola, Shops, Magic Show and Casino View

After going to The Venetian, I took another cab to bring me to Senado Square. It is in Central Macau and one of the major attractions of the city. It’s like a small plaza where people gather to relax and chill with their friends. I’ve noticed that the building structures are similar to the ones seen at Intramuros. No wonder, this place is also included as part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ang sarap lang mag picture!

Senado Square, St Paul Ruins, St Dominic Church and Shops

Street food is very cheap. I was able to buy 1 stick of chicken gizzard for 5 MOP (1 SGD = 6 MO Pataca), less than a dollar!:)

Cheap Street Food

Since I have limited funds, I couldn’t afford to food experiment and eat elsewhere. So I just stick to my 1 bag of Mr.Chips and 2 bottled drinks, which I bought at the SG airport before I left for Macau. I have to scrimp on some parts of the trip by not eating much and deciding to sleep at the airport, just to fulfill my mission. 🙂 After all, there are sacrifices we need to make to make our dreams come true. Keri lang kahit busabos looking na ako dahil sa walang ligo at maghapong naglalakad, masaya pa rin. Kaya sorry wala akong ipopost na solo pic ko dahil dugyot na ako sa buong araw. Haha!

After the walkabout trip, the weather improved as in sunny bright sa init. Since it’s almost time for my check-in at the airport and I still want to do the jump (sayang naman yun talaga ang pinunta ko), I called them to ask if they’re now open. And confirmed, bungy is now open to the public.

So I stayed for another night, bought one way ticket for the next day and go for my dreams. Ayoko muna isipin yung presyo ng ticket pauwi, saka na. Happy now poor later muna ang drama ko. Haha! 🙂 Minsan lang naman to in a year. I walked around the casinos, satisfied taking lots of pictures of the brightly lit buildings.


I spent the night at the airport and chose a secluded area to sleep. Fortunately, there aren’t any night trips arriving to Macau so the airport is very much deserted. Malinis pati ang airport. Maliban sa sakit ng katawan, ok naman nakatulog naman ako. 🙂 And good morning, pag gising ko may ka paa-nan na ako. Hahaha! 


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